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Wedding traditions

This PPT is talking about different wedding traditions from three different countries, China, America and France.

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Wedding traditions

  1. 1. Wedding TraditionsThe most momentous event that happensin ones life By
  2. 2.  Wedding is one of the most momentous event that happens in ones life. The Wedding itself represents the loyalty between two person, husband and wife, once they get married, their should take the responsibility of caring for each other. The Wedding tradition has been keeping evolving and changing during different periods, in the mean time, tradition between nations are quite different, take the wedding preparation for instance, nations like China, America and France are quite diverse. We will see how they do during their wedding preparation.
  3. 3.  In China, the wedding ceremony are usually hold in a luxurious hotel. The new couple is supposed to wear the traditional Tang suits, whereas, by the influence of western ideas and values, most couples are advocates to wear European attires. The bridegroom wear a formal suit, and the bride would wear a white bridal gown which make them look more stylish. The settings in the hotel are extremely grand, the pillars are wrapped with colorful balloons, red carpet is especially covered on the floor for the couple to go through, symbolizing their thriving life in the future. A lot of trivial things are to be dealt with on that day, an emcee would be asked to hold their the ritual, making fun of the two families and entertaining the relatives and friends.
  4. 4.  American traditional weddings usually take place in a church with families and friends celebrating the joyous occasion. A priest would be invited to preside the wedding ceremony. However, most young couples want to have their own styles of wedding, more and more people hold their wedding party on the beach or just in their backyard. Theres an old saying that You may probably have heard, that is,something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a silver sixpence inside your shoe." Couples in America honor this tradition through centuries even till today, after all, these are all symbols represent their wishes to a prosperous life.
  5. 5.  France is a country full of romance and fashions. Couples in France are particularly devoted to each other. Their wedding venue is often decorated with a silken canopy, flowers, incense and conventional romantic music is played as demanded by the French wedding tradition. Orange blossoms are customarily the most preferred flowers. In the off season, wax imitations of orange blossoms are used to keep up the French Wedding tradition. Brides will wear their gorgeous gowns and usually after the ceremony, she may pass down the wedding dress to her single girl friend.
  6. 6.  Special Countries Have Special Customs, So Their Wedding Planning, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Dresses Choice And Brides Favorite Are Different. By Dreamsofbrides.LTD Official Website Here

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This PPT is talking about different wedding traditions from three different countries, China, America and France.


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