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XPlore - A Social Learning Platform

Official presentation for XPlore by DreamNotion Innovations.

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XPlore - A Social Learning Platform

  1. 1. By now you must be wondering…. What is ??
  2. 2. Game!
  3. 3. “It is A Social Learning Platform Inspired By The Progression Based Reward System Associated With Games & Sports”
  4. 4. Take This Tour To Find Out More…
  5. 5. Imagine An Interactive Arena Where TeachersCan Incentivize, Recognize &Reward StudentsFor Positive Behaviours & Achievements, Both In The Classroom &Outside
  6. 6. The Idea Is To Inspire Students To Learn To Broaden A Childs HorizonThe Goal Is To Inculcate A Desire For Learning Newer Things & Gaining Accomplishments
  7. 7. Wondering HOW?? Its Simple!!Engage Students In Terms They Understand
  8. 8. Generation Z GetsTechnologyThey Thrive on GamesThey Love their GadgetsTheyll Even Lie About their Age To GetOn Social Networking Sites Give Them XPlore!!
  9. 9. *Gasp* But The Dangers Of The Internet!!! is Secure is Private Prevents Online Bullies!
  10. 10. Student Teachers Parents ManagementThe members of this network consist of allYOUR school Teachers, Students & theirParents
  11. 11. connects Every Class, Club &Houseconnects Teachers, Students, and Parents
  12. 12. Its the repository of all information and knowledgecreated within your school by all the people who go thereYou are building a central data-bank of reusableknowledge with virtually no additional resources
  13. 13. There’s no need to worry about your Data.XPlore encrypts all your Data & Stores it securely inthe cloud.
  14. 14. XPlore Combines The Benefits Of Game Based Points &Reward SystemsWith All The Perks of A Social Network That SharesClassmates‘ & Teachers’ School ActivitiesWhile telling you how far you need to go to beat yourcompetition
  15. 15. Teachers, Students & Even Parents Can Simply Visitthe private Website & Log On To XPlore Like Any Other Website On The Internet
  16. 16. Teachers Can Create and Assign Tasks OrChallenges To Students In MinutesSimple and intuitive to use
  17. 17. Teachers Can Track A Task’s Activity
  18. 18. Teachers Can Stay Updated About The School viaNews Feed
  19. 19. Just as every sportsman gets a participationcertificate for partaking in tournaments andcompetitions
  20. 20. XPlore awards participationBadges&Pointstostudents who attempt the teachers’ challenges
  21. 21. Those who complete the challenges get bonuses
  22. 22. Top performers win special rewards
  23. 23. They Can Stay Updated About Everything ThatGoes On At School
  24. 24. Parents now know exactly what their child is up-tothanks to the XPloreNews FeedIn an automated system, parents can regularly analyzeall data pertaining to their childrenXPlore brings Parents closer to their children and tothe people who teach and nurture their kids everyday
  25. 25. Even the schools management can benefit fromXPlore We have an entire suite of analytical tools for them
  26. 26. What else?? Check Student Performances View Teacher Stats Discover TrendsAnd Find Areas For Improvement
  27. 27. Get Ready To….Contact us at to schedulea demo!!
  28. 28. THANK YOU