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Acim explained


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The premise of the course is that the world is the dream, everything within it illusionary
and that the only purpose the world has is it is to be used to help you to wake up from the idea there is a world.

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Acim explained

  2. 2. Hi Im the dreaming son and welcome to A course in miracles explained. In this video I am going to explain the story of creation according to A course in miracles to help explain what the course teaches. The premise of the course is that the world is the dream, everything within it illusionary and that the only purpose the world has is it is to be used to help you to wake up from the idea there is a world.To help you understand how this conclusion is reached in the course I will explain the keyunderstandings you need to know to get a grasp on the teachings of A course in miracles.The course states that there is only one reality. This reality characterized by the state ofperfect oneness, also known throughout the ages as heaven, nirvana and spirit just toname a few.Although this reality can never be compromised the course states that there was amoment when a thought that was other than this perfect reality arose in the the mind ofperfect oneness. If I could define this thought it is the thought of having a life apart fromoneness - this is the thought of individuality. In the course it is know as the thought ofseparation - the tiny mad idea. When this thought arises the mind falls asleep and into anew mind called the split mind, because this mind is apart from the universe of oneness.When the mind of oneness falls asleep it completely forgets about its pre sleep reality.The reason why the course describes this world as a dream, is because it is something weassociate with. We can understand how we can seemingly experience a reality that isntreal.CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEOBefore we carry on with the story let me explain the 2nd split that occurs in the split mindas soon as the thought of separation arises. What occurs in the second split is the onesplit mind splits into 3 parts. The three parts it splits into are the right and wrong mindsalong with a decision maker part.
  3. 3. The function of the wrong mind is to be the voice for the separated identity and world,where as the the function of the right mind is to be the voice for reality. The right mind isthe memory in the split mind of the reality of the perfect oneness beyond it.The third part of the split mind is the decision maker and it is this part of the mind thecourse is referring to as "you" throughout the book.In the split mind it is the decision maker that holds all of the power because if it listens tothe wrong mind then it will experience a world of separation and individuality whereas if itlistens to the right mind it will remember its true waking identity and there will be no needfor dreams at all.CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT ABOUT MY FREE GIFTSo now we understand the three minds and their functions lets go back to the beginning.After the split mind had split into 3 parts but before the world had began there was amoment according to the course where the decision maker had to make a decision. Thatdecision was based on what interpretation of the tiny mad idea the decision maker wantedto be the truth. First the wrong mind spoke its case to the decision maker because the egoalways speaks first, it told of all the benefits of accepting its interpretation of the thought ofseparation. The trump card is its presentation was promising the decision maker anindividual identity a part from perfect oneness.Next it was the right minds turn to convince the decision maker of its interpretation of theseparation thought. Unfortunately all the right mind could do was to remain quite, becauseto even express a counter argument to the ego would be to indirectly confirm that theseparation had happened. This is called the principal of the atonement in the course,which is simply a fancy way of saying that you need do nothing to become enlightenedbecause nothing outside perfect oneness has ever happened.But because the decision makers function is to make a decision it had to decide whichinterpretation it wanted to be the truth. Obviously because we are appearing in the world atthe moment the decision maker decided for the wrong mind.You could say at this point the decision maker falls more deeply into dreaming, a dreamwithin a dream - no longer remembering reality, the right mind or even the that it is adecision making mind.Another thing that is important to understand is that whatever the decision maker splits offto, it completely identifies with that new reality. And so after the decisions maker makes itschoice it becomes completely identified with the wrong mind.At this point the wrong mind becomes very afraid. From now on i will refer to the wrongmind as the ego. The ego is afraid because it knows the function of the decision maker isto make a choose between which interpretation of the tiny mad idea to listen to andbecuase it choose the ego it could at some point revoke its decisions and simply chooseagainst it for the right mind. If this was to happen then the ego would be out of existence.And so it is this that the ego fears the most. Therefore the ego needs to devise a plan so
  4. 4. that the decision making mind completely forgets it is a mind because the egos logic is"how can the decision maker choose against me if it forgets it can make decisions?"Keep this motivation of the ego in mind while i explain why the 3rd split occurs. This thirdspilt occurs within the wrong mind and it occurs because of a story the ego tells thedecision maker.As soon as the decision maker associates with the wrong mind the ego tells it a frighteningstory, a story characterized by three main symbols - Sin, Guilt and Fear.CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT ABOUT MY FREE GIFTAt this point the ego introduces a new character, it invents its own God. And the story goeslike this…. "Look at what you have done, youve killed God, I mean if you exist in thisseparated state then it must because he is dead, and he is dead because you killed him.This is the courses interpretation of the common idea called original sin. Thepsychological result of believing in sin is the experience of guilt and this is exactly what thedecision maker who is now associated with the ego begins to feel. The ego enhances thisfeeling of guilt by saying "yea you should feel bad, I mean what did he ever do to you -excepted give you unlimited life." This is the origins of the experience of fear because ifwhen there is an experience of guilt then the expectation of punishment goes hand in handwith this. This is the what all fear is based on, the expectation of future punishment. Theego dramatizes this feeling of fear by adding to the story "oh by the way, you didnt quitekill him, he survived your attack and now he is out to get you back for what you did to him.This is where the ego is a little sneaky, because it is now in control and it serves the egosagenda it now takes the sin, guilt and fear the decision maker is now feeling in the wrongmind and splits off the sin and guilt and projects it onto this new God figure in story leavingthe decision maker with the feeling of fear, being and innocent fearful victim of a sinful andwrathful God. It is now God that is the sinful and guilty one for wanting to kill the decisionmaker for making an innocent mistake.This is the third split in the mind and now decision maker forgets about the second splitwhere it was a sinful, guilty and fearful self. The decision maker has fallen in to a deeperdream, three layers deep. At this point in the story the decision maker is all alone in thewrong mind with the egos made up Gad, a victimizing God that is out for blood.This is the origins of the of the fight or flight response, the decision maker now has theoption to either take on this all power and blood thirsty God or it can flee. The first optionisnt really possible though because the way the decision maker now perceives itself as nomatch for this vengeful God. The Decision maker plays right into the egos hands when itasks the ego "is there anyway to leave the mind?"This is the exactly why the ego told the decision maker the story of sin, guilt and fear andthen projected the sin and guilt onto God. The result is that the decision maker willingwants to leave the mind, the result the ego wanted the whole time, because if the decisionmaker forgets it is a mind then how can it change it?
  5. 5. In response to the Decision makers request the ego says, "yea sure - just take my hand."In the course this is the moment of creation of the physical universe, the big bang, or moreaccurately put "the big projection."This is the fourth and final split in the split mind. It is the dream of individual physicalexistence. What the ego has done is taken the contents of the wrong mind and projectedit, along with the decision maker outside of itself into a physical world.Because the physical reality is merely a projection of the wrong mind then the innocentand victimized decision maker becomes an innocent and victimized body and the allpowerful and avenging god becomes the a huge and victimizing world.CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEOThe wrong minded purpose of the world is to be a scape goat for all for the sin and guiltthe decision maker originally felt after it chose to side with the wrong mind, just as thefictional God was in the 3rd split.And so when the decision maker is identified with the ego after the forth split then it willexperience itself as a body. The ego will instruct the decision maker to find guilt in theworld outside of itself. This is the one game that characterizes the egos world, and thatgame is the game guilt. This is because whoever is guilty will be punished and if thedecision maker doesnt want to be punished then it must be able to say it is innocent. Butthe only way to be innocent is to make something else guilty. Finding guilt in the worldserves two purposes, firstly it makes the world real and therefore the thought of separationreal, but more importantly it makes something other than the decision maker beresponsible for the sin that must have happened to achieve its individual existence. If thedecision maker can find guilt outside of itself then it wont be the one that will be punishedwhen God finally catches up with it. It will be able to point the accusing finger at all guiltyones in the world and say it is them that is responsible for the separation.The course states that this game of guilt will continue until the decision maker experiencesa disillusionment of the egos teachings. The main teaching of the ego is that there is hopeof happiness in the world. The ego leads the decision maker down many roadways in theworld in the pursuit of happiness. It isnt until the decision maker realizes one thing - thatthey all end in death that the opportunity for true happiness arises. At this point there is acrack in the the egos shield of oblivion and the decision makers says "There must be abetter way." At this point the right mind reappears, characterized in the the course as theholy spirit.The holy spirit as i said earlier is simply the reminder to the decision maker that everythingthat has occurred in the split mind has simply been a dream. The holy spirit teaches thedecision maker it is the sole dreamer and all the contents of the dream is simply aprojection of the wrong mind. A mind that is wholly false.This is the meaning behind the statement - there is no hierarchy of illusions and theworkbook lessons - nothing I think means anything and nothing I see means anything.
  6. 6. The Holy Spirit instructs the decision maker the only way to escape illusions is by notbelieving in them. As the decision maker gains confidence in the holy spirit teaching byincreasingly feeling peaceful it becomes less and less identified with being a body. Itincreasing identifies with being the dreamer of the world of dreams. The world becomes aclassroom where the decision maker forgives its own dream, until it accepts the atonementfor itself. The acceptance of the atonement is the the acceptance that the separation fromoneness never happen because it could never happen. The world and its individual identitywithin were wholly illusionary. There is no guilt because the thing the ego said was thecause of guilt was wholly illusionary. Nothing needs to be done is except forget the thoughtof separation - to awaken and be glad.Also feel free to follow The Dreaming Son on,FacebookYoutubeDreamingson.comTwitterTo your continual growth and successThe Dreaming Son.