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When you believe it you will see it!


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This presentation is based on my "career" as an amateur photographer. Every picture has a story, and every story has a lesson about life and business!

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When you believe it you will see it!

  1. 1. Lessons I have learned from being an Amateur Photographer
  2. 2. When You Believe it, you will see it! You have to get up and find the great shots! Same in life, what you believe you will find, you will find!
  3. 3. Take your Color into the world. We all did it as kids. Why stop now?
  4. 4. It’s the little moments of life that really matters. Not the big events! Just sitting in the sun - Dreaming
  5. 5. Like rolling a tyre, realizing your goals and dreams starts wobbly, but once in motion you can’t stop!
  6. 6. We all have our bad days. We need to understand that they will come and befriend our emotions…
  7. 7. Live in the moment – This girl was sad or happy depending on the song she was singing – It’s all about being present where you are!
  8. 8. Love the storms – they bring the color into our lives!
  9. 9. Be ready and the opportunity will arise. I was ready with my camera and then the sheperds appeared!
  10. 10. I was looking for great reflection shots and found this close to home. So often we go far away when the really great things are close by!!
  11. 11. All of our perspective on life is determined by how we frame it! And every individual chooses their own frames!
  12. 12. This sunset just kept getting more beautiful. Nature believes in abundance. This kept going on…even on the next slide…
  13. 14. My son needs a place to go when he is scared – so does each of us…
  14. 15. Small beaches hold lovely surprises… It’s the little things in life that really matters!
  15. 16. I could never draw – but now I can paint and frame – we are all artists if we embrace the right tools and follow the right careers!
  16. 17. It would have been dull without the storm – so would life!
  17. 18. Keep facing the sun – keep your head high, but to big a head will come to a fall. Jim Collins proves it in Good to Great – so does sunflowers!
  18. 19. This ended on the cover of a newspaper. I got nothing – but it made the day for the person in the picture when he made the cover. That’s what life’s all about. Doing something for others!
  19. 20. Take a Break – if the angels can, so can we!
  20. 22. She looked so sad. Like so many humans today. I could do only one thing… And I hope you will do it to all the people you meet in life…
  21. 23. Give them Wings…