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The fashion trends of shoes


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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The fashion trends of shoes

  1. 1. The Fashion Trends of ShoesShoes are items of footwear meant for protection of the feet. Shoes can alsobe used as items of decorating or accessorizing. The various designs varygreatly through the different ages and also from varying cultures. The actualappearance is originally due to the intended functions of the shoes.Furthermore, fashion trends have dictated many of the designs.Footwear that is high heeled usually raises heels by 2 inches from the groundand are generally worn by ladies. There are various distributors who sellwholesale high heels. Some of the different categories of these wholesale highheels include the kitten heels that are between 1 ½ to about 2 inches in heelheight, the stiletto heels that have narrow heels and the wedge type heelswhich have wedge shaped soles. The wholesalers can be sourced for a varietyof wholesale high heels that also include pumps, designer made footwear andsandals for ladies.
  2. 2. High heel pumps are a classic option for a professional woman. Choose thehigh heel pumps with mid height heels for that clean and business likeappearance. Those that are 2 inches to 2.5 inches in heel height are the mostcomfortable types. Make sure to choose high quality leather high heel pumpsthat can last long and also work with many different outfits. The chunkier typesof heels would still work quite well and would also be quite comfortable.Fashion high heels still remain the most elegant choices for special eveningattire. However, the fashion high heels that are too high and strappy may bebeautiful or sexy this appeal diminishes if it is uncomfortable or even makes itdifficult for walking. When you are choosing fashion high heels, make sure youwill be comfortable in them. For those who dislike the heel height, kitten heelsoffer very pretty and also practical alternatives.Many women do love whatever kind of sexy, pink high heels. Some have evenbecome the so called pink-o-holics! Pink high heels are widely regarded as
  3. 3. very fashionable and attractive. The hues of these pink high heels can rangefrom a soft pink color to a hot fuchsia hue. These varieties can be bought incheap wholesale prices or the high fashion, designer types that are famousbrand names.