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These 10 outstanding people have #inspired me and millions of other people


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He inspired millions by put vast amounts of time, effort and emotion into working towards the greater good of others. He inspired, his people, left a legacy and achieve his big dreams.

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These 10 outstanding people have #inspired me and millions of other people

  1. 1. He inspired millions by put vast amounts of time, effort and emotion into working towards the greater good of others. He is a role model, honoured for perseverance and phenomenal Abraham Lincoln
  2. 2. Nelson Mandela The greatest life lesson he has taught – is persistence. Standing up for what you believe in, and staying focused, with a forgiving nature, and lack of bitterness, whilst leading South Africa towards democracy. He has been an inspiration to freedom fighters the world over, and arguably the most powerful voice for social justice ever in recent history.
  3. 3. Albert Einstein Despite being probably the most iconic scientific figure of our era, he was a classic introvert. He preferred working in his laboratory than being in the public. His life proves that some of the greatest contributions in live is being made from behind the scenes.
  4. 4. Stephan Hawkings Not only has Hawking, one of the greatest living scientists, overcome very big obstacles by being wheelchair bound through a crippling disease; he has done so exceptionally and becoming a role model. He embodies the importance of overcoming obstacles in achieving your goals and living your dream.
  5. 5. Thomas Edison ...but he truly believed that you were only as successful as the amount of work you are willing to put in, maintaining that it is the only way to make your dreams a reality. Thomas Edison did not impress anyone, and yet became one of the greatest inventors of all time. He strongly believed that his success was not a result of being an intellectual…
  6. 6. Winston Churchill Churchill boosted his talents by reading, travelling and writing. Whatever he took interest in – he would focus on educating himself.
  7. 7. Leonardo Da Vinci He teaches us an important lesson: mentorship can pave the way to independence and success. The guidance that Verrochio gave him, during his apprenticeship, helped him to develop his talents and skills to hone his artistic talents and achieve his success. Every great leader has had somebody who inspires and coach them to reach their full potential.
  8. 8. Nick Vujicic Can you imagine your life without your limbs, you may feel incredibly hopeless, however, he has made his disability an opportunity. Throughout his life his loving parents have motivated him and taught him how to overcome his disability and to change obstacles into opportunities; no matter how big they are. He has made a difference in the lives (through his speeches) of many people. He truly is an inspiration for everyone.
  9. 9. Oprah Windrey She is one of the most familiar faces on television over the world, she had more influence on Western society than most politicians and religious leaders put together. Why do people trust her so much? Simple – she has stayed true to herself throughout her career.
  10. 10. Mahatma Ghandi At a young age Mahatma Ghandi had a clear goal in mind; to stop the oppression of India internationally. He has an incredible sense of peace, has never thought of using violence to achieve his goals. He is determined, hard –working, focused and humble. Being in his presence is a moving experience. He is a fantastic listener and therefore a fantastic leader. Ghandi’s influence in freeing Indians from oppression has changed the fate of millions internationally.