Dr. drum’s 12 pad drum machine help you create your ideal drum beat


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Dr. drum’s 12 pad drum machine help you create your ideal drum beat

  1. 1. Dr. Drum’s 12 Pad Drum MachineOne of the most impressive features on the new beat-making programDr. Drum is the 12-pad drum machine, and understanding how it workscan help you create your ideal drum beat.Dr. Drum features a 16 track sequencer, which can be used with theextensive library of sounds included with the program. If the in-builtbeats just aren’t right for your track, you can make your own customones with the drum machine.The drum machine has 12 pads for you to create beats with. Each drumkit you select loads a new 12 sounds onto the pads, and you can adjustthe volume for each independently. The program comes with myriaddrum kits to choose from, in styles such as hip hop, house, dubstep andjungle, with several options for each.DOWNLOAD =>http://tinyurl.com/101Dr-DrumThese can be accessed through the menu stretching down the left handside of the page. You can easily load up your own sounds to use if theincluded kits aren’t enough, with a simple drag and drop interface.Creating your own beats with the drum machine is simple. Themajority of the page is taken up by a grid, with rows for each of the 12pads and columns showing the progression of time. Each columnrepresents a sixteenth of a bar, and the beats and off beats are labelledwith numbers and dots, respectively.This means that you can create complex drum beats with up to sixteenhits per bar (which is great for fills) using an intuitive system. To put abeat down, you select the pad you want and place a mark in the relevantrow at the desired point within the bar.
  2. 2. You can adjust the tempo easily using the BPM option in the bottomleft corner of the screen, and there is a mixer so you can bring outwhichever frequencies you want. This allows you to accentuate thehighs, lows or mids in your beat, and balance them to your liking.There’s also a pitch slider you can use to make more radical alterationsto the sound. As with everything on Dr. Drum, you can export the fileas a professional-quality .WAV file, rather than a compressed andtherefore degraded MP3.The drum machine on Dr. Drum allows ultimate creativity. You canmake an off-kilter beat in jazz timing or a thumping dubstep backing,all with one tool. Once you’ve made your beat, you incorporate it intotracks using the intuitive sequencer.DOWNLOAD =>http://tinyurl.com/101Dr-DrumUnlike many other beat-making programs, you don’t need any specialknowledge to work Dr. Drum, only a love for music and a passion forcreativity.