Microcare lab- TB Presntation -Surat


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TB diagnosis facility in Surat

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Microcare lab- TB Presntation -Surat

  1. 1. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR Microcare Laboratory, Surat Dr. Dhanji P. Rajani Microbiologist
  2. 2. Microcare Laboratory established in August 2004 in the centre of the Surat, with the aim of achieve customer satisfaction by continual improvement in the quality of our services. Microcare Laboratory is engage in only microbiological & Mycobacteriology testing.
  3. 3. Life Time Membership Of Indian Association Of Medical Microbiologist. Life Time Membership Of Hospital Infection Society Of India. Stop TB Partner – WHO IPAQT Member [Initiative for Promoting and Affordable Quality TB Tests ]
  4. 4. Microcare Laboratory Get accreditation of ISO 9001:2000 in the year of 2007, First in south Gujarat. Microcare Laboratory accredited by NABL in the year of March 2011, first laboratory in south Gujarat to get NABL Accreditation in the field of Microbiology. With the fully & favorable support of STO, STATE TB CELL and whole team of Gujarat government, Microcare laboratory accredited by National Mycobacteriology Accreditation system of Central TB Division, govt. of India. 2nd lab. In India in private sector for solid C&DST.
  5. 5. C&DST BY L.J. C&DST BY Bactec MGIT LPA GeneXpert & Routine Culture and sensitivity testing of all clinical samples. FLUORESCENCE MICROSCOPY
  6. 6. POSITION NO. Microbiologist 2 Lab. Technician 7 Lab. Attendant 3 Research Student 2
  7. 7. C&DST TRAINING: One Microbiologist & One Technician was trained from NIRT Chennai. One technician was trained from IRL, Ahmadabad. SMEAR MICROSCOPY TRAINING: All technical staff were trained at Hirabagh Health Centre, Surat. LPA TRAINING : Three technical staff were trained at Microcare, An in house training by Biomerieux technical specialist. GENEXPERT TRAINING : Three technical staff were trained at Microcare, An in house training by Lab India technical specialist.
  8. 8. Year Total samples Negative samples Positive samples Contamination Aug-12 to March-13 1692 1311 381 38 April-13 to March-14 1958 1420 470 71 April-14 to till date 240 8 2
  9. 9. 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 WORKLOAD CAPACITY No.ofSample Workload Vs Capacity / Month for follow up samples Currently, we run 150-160 follow up samples /month, while laboratory capacity is 1200- 1500 samples/ month.
  10. 10. Quarterly Report on Laboratory Performance Laboratory: MICROCARE LABORATORY - SURAT Quarter / Year of reporting: Yearly report -2013 Microbiologists: DR DHANJI P RAJANI Contact Phone Number: 9824198056 Workload and DST results – Report SPECIMENS processed on culture or DST, NOT PATIENTS Culture workload DST workload Quarter Diagnostic Sputum SPECIMENS processed Follow-Up SPECIMENS processed NA1st quarter-13 -- 705 2nd quarter-13 -- 456 3rd quarter-13 -- 456 4th quarter-13 -- 514 Performance indicators Numerator (No.) Denominator (No.) Percent (1) Specimens (all) received within 7 days of sputum collection (with CPC) NA NA NA (2)Specimens (all) received within 72 hours of sputum collection in 4-8 C (without CPC*) 2131 2131 100 (3) Number of specimen rejected at the lab due to various reason(eg. Leakage, inadequate quantity, etc) 0 0 0 (4) Specimens (all) with cultures reported as Mtb. complex 487 1644 29.62 (5) Smear-positive diagnostic specimens reported as culture-positive NA NA NA (6) Specimens (all) with culture-contaminated results (by solid culture ) 70 2131 3.28 (7) Specimens (all) with culture-contaminated results (by liquid culture ) NA NA NA (8) Specimens (all) with culture results reported as NTM 0 2131 0 (12) Patients (all) with final culture results reported to providers within 1 days of declaration of result 2131 2131 100 (16) Most recent DST panel test performance Sensitivity (%) Specificity (%) (Report Date 06.01.2014 H: 67 100 R: 100 92 (Reference lab__NIRT__) E (opt): 100 92 S (opt): 100 88 (17) Most recent On-Site Evaluation :05.03.2013 Date: 06.01.2013 Ref. Laboratory: Evaluator: NIRT, Chennai
  11. 11. From May 2013 to April 2014 About 100 patients were Notified to DTO, SMC.
  12. 12. Thank you Dr.D.P.Rajani & Microcare laboratory Team