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Influence e-Roster and biometric attendance in Nursing workflow


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Influence e-Roster and biometric attendance in Nursing workflow

  1. 1. Ms Metilda Robin Guide:Dr Deepak Agarwal Nursing Informatics Specialists Program, Department of IT, JPNA Trauma centre, AIIMS, N Delhi
  2. 2.  Identity Verification are done in computer systems through cards, pins, passwords etc.  A reliable and accurate identification can be obtained through biometric technology to confirm his/her identity
  3. 3.  Any Possibility of manual errors can be eliminated  Helps in cost saving by the reducing the use of papers  To have a Track of accruals such as Absent, Late, Early Leave, Off  Shift Management  Reduces administrative errors and time spend in calculating hours Users forget the passwords but its difficult to forget fingers!!!
  4. 4.  Biometric machines were installed in every dept in trauma center in 2009  Every staff (temporary/permanent) was enrolled and was given a authenticated punching ID  Total we enrolled 898 permanent employee & 680 temporary staff
  5. 5.  We gave a test trials for 2 months(may and June 2013)  But it was found that the access card was mainly used for lifts and doors rather than the biometric attendance. we had 30 % compliance rate in e Duty roster.  So strict decision to have biometric attendance was done completely and monthly report generated from July  Report was submitted to our administrative.
  6. 6.  From July onwards the compliance rate increased  And now in august we have 90% attendance in biometric.  Hopefully we will have complete biometric attendance from next month
  7. 7. To improve the systems we again implemented the e-duty Roster.  The login id was provided to the concern administrative nurse who prepares the duty roster.
  8. 8. 60 20 20 10 90 40 70 60 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 ward ICU OT ED July Aug
  9. 9.  Staff can view the roster to anyone anytime to every staff of any department in JPNATC  Shift management  Tracking the duty leaves were possible as we superimposed the Biometric attendance in the duty roster.  To calculate the duty hours and Eliminate unauthorized hours  Improves employee productivity
  10. 10.  Oloyede Muhtahir O., Addoyin Adeyinka O. and Adewole Kayode S.. Article: Fingerprint Biometric Authentication for Enhancing Staff Attendance System. International Journal of Applied Information Systems5(3):19-24, February 2013. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA
  11. 11.  eDuty Roster and the biometric attendance has helped the administration to have a more vigilant in supervising nurses and the accumulating data whenever required  This has increased the responsibility of staff nurse which improves the patient care
  12. 12. THANKYOU