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Digital hospital (lab, imaging, and emr)


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Published in: Healthcare
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Digital hospital (lab, imaging, and emr)

  1. 1. Digital Hospital (Lab, Imaging, and EMR) Dr DK Sharma Medical Superintendent AIIMS, New Delhi
  2. 2. Digital Hospital: An Introduction  Right Information at the right time to the point of care is the lifeblood of a hospital. Digital Hospital enables deployment of eHealth systems that provide online information, online disease management, and remote monitoring
  3. 3. Laboratory Information System  A Laboratory Information System (LIS) is a software program that provides the IT functionality needed for a clinical laboratory  LIS components include patient check in, order entry, specimen processing, results entry, and reporting ability  LIS tracks and stores above detail and keep the information in its database for future reference
  4. 4. Laboratory Information System in use at AIIMS
  5. 5. Imaging  An imaging sub system is based around PACS that provide and captures digital information
  6. 6. Imaging/PACS in use all over AIIMS
  7. 7. Electronic Medical Record  An EMR is a digital record of a person’s medical history that can be shared electronically between health care providers within a medical practice or hospital  Important medical information such as laboratory, imaging test results, and recommended treatments are part of medical record  Exchange of information from one entity to another requires oversight to ensure the best practices and policies are in place and being followed
  8. 8. EMR in use at AIIMS
  9. 9. Challenges  ICT infrastructure must be robust  Complexity must be managed  Cost  Privacy and Confidentiality
  10. 10. Meeting the Challenges  The benefits of fully digital hospitals are clear, yet the path to hospital modernization is not without obstacles, both technical and cultural  Opportunity for today is to harnessing the technology to deliver a digital transformation  Digital Hospitals will remain a hybrid of electronic and paper for the foreseeable future
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