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Publish or Perish Workshop Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Publish or Perish Workshop Presentation

  1. 1. PUBLISH OR PERISH WORKSHOP Maurice Dawson, D.CS.
  2. 2. Topics Learning Objectives and Bio Journals Books - Conferences Academic Tools Developing Research Opportunities Negotiating Books and Conferences Job Search
  3. 3. Learning Objectives and Bio The learning objectives of this workshop are the following: 1. Identify potential journals for submission 2. Identify potential conference for submission Understand the journal submission process 3. Understand the book contract negation process 4. Understand how to capture a fellowship 5. Understand how to set up a research conference 6. Understand how to negotiate a visiting scholar 7. Understanding how to negotiate a visiting professorship
  4. 4. Bio Doctor of Computer Science Master of Business Administration Master of Science in Management in Information Systems Security Dr. Maurice Dawson serves as an Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems at Alabama A&M University, Visiting Assistant Professor (Honorary) of Industrial and Systems Engineering at The University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI), and Fulbright Candidate. He is currently a Visiting Scholar with The University of The Gambia. Dawson is recognized as an Information Assurance System Architect and Engineer by the U.S. Department of Defense. Research focus area is cyber security, systems security engineering, open source software (OSS), mobile security, and engineering management.
  5. 5. Journals Books - Conferences
  6. 6. Directory of Open Access Journals
  7. 7. Common Ground Publishers
  8. 8. Inderscience Publishers
  9. 9. Conference Alerts
  10. 10. WikiCFP
  11. 11. Academic Tools
  12. 12. Google Scholar
  13. 13. Research Gate
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Publish or Perish
  16. 16. Developing Research Opportunities
  17. 17. Visiting Scholar - International Allows for international experience Bridging two institutions closer Research opportunities and collaboration
  18. 18. Visiting Scholar Seek Openings
  19. 19. Visiting Professor Allows access to Tier 1 research university facilities Increase networking Facilitate potential grant collaboration Grow experience in scholarly research with mentoring
  20. 20. Fulbright Scholar Program Core Fulbright Program Fulbright Specialist Program Fulbright NEXUS Regional Scholar Fulbright Distinguished Chair Award
  21. 21. Open Society Fellowship
  22. 22. Eisenhower Fellowships
  23. 23. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  24. 24. National Science Foundation
  25. 25. National Science Foundation cont.
  26. 26. DHS Education Programs
  27. 27. Negotiating Books and Conferences
  28. 28. PUTS-14
  29. 29. Call for Chapter: Cyber Security
  30. 30. Contract Negotiation
  31. 31. Job Search
  32. 32. HigherEdJobs
  33. 33. The Chronicle of Higher Education
  34. 34. Contact Information Department of Management and Marketing College of Business and Public Affairs P.O. Box 429 Normal, Alabama 35762 Phone Number (256) 372-4801