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The Worksite Wellness Revolution


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Chiropractors need to lead the Wellness Revolution. Dr. Darren White, founder Worksite Wellness.

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The Worksite Wellness Revolution

  1. 1. Worksite Wellness ... a Revolution 1
  2. 2. Upper Cervical Chiropractors Leading the Wellness Revolution Taking their name back! Known for their INNATE view Organizations Happier , Healthier, Safer Employees Increased Productivity Better Bottom Line! Individuals Love their Work Live Longer True Well Being 2
  3. 3. MD Referrals Door to Door Come Networking Festivals see me! Dr. White Spinal Screening Food Drives 3
  4. 4. The Wellness Revolution Implementing Wellness is Top Priority Pervasive Industry INNATE view - Special Sauce We Have to Market Anyway! 4
  5. 5. A Pervasive Industry Affordability Legs Continual Universal Appeal Low Consumption Time 5
  6. 6. Healthcare Crisis? 6
  7. 7. Disease Care 50 % Bankruptcy due to illness 2.3 Trillion dollars, 4X Defense HMO’s spend more treating ADR than on the drugs themselves Pharm spends 2x Marketing - R&D 75 million are disabled by chronic pain 15.3% GDP compared to Countries with Universal Health care 6-9% 7
  8. 8. Wellness Good News 3-5 years 80% plan to spend a significant amount on LT solutions 77% said Health was a critical Business Investment 81% said they will use HRA + Biometrics Bad News 95% percent - perscription compliance 8
  9. 9. Why Us and What’s so Great? Same Goal - Effective Approach Opportunity to re-position ourselves Take our name back! It is what we already know More efficient Qualified Patients Low Cost! 9
  10. 10. Our Creation Story 10
  11. 11. Our Health Fairs Opportunity Lunch and Learns Ergonomic Classes Group Exercises Back Care Classes Employee Screening 11
  12. 12. Lead Generation Ask Your Patients for H.R. referrals and intros Drive the area around your office Yahoo, Google and other search engines Reference USA usually through local library Buy a list - can be worth every last penny 12
  13. 13. Health Fairs Location, Location, Location Assemble your team! Massage, Accupuncture, Naturopath, local gym, physical therapist, etc. Marketing - flyers, emails, banners, elevator, paystubs, intranet, etc. Door Prizes with a map. Feedback, testimonial 13
  14. 14. Lunch and Learns Lunch Room - buy, bring lunch 40 min topic, be on time Screening, Questions 20 min No Hard Sell Stay Fit While You Sit Foods That Heal DESKTOP YOGA! 14
  15. 15. Back Smart Workshops 40 min class with screening for current concerns industrial, warehouse, retail Home-run - New Employee workshop at Fred Meyer Totem Lake Branch saw a reduction of 25% for W.C. premiums 15
  16. 16. Worksite Wellness In 278 company’s in Seattle area. Strategic Alliances Beta tested out of state, Austin Currently Merging with Pro Well National Campaign Exclusive to Upper Cervical Chiropractors Launching SanFran through The Specific 16
  17. 17. Don’t Just Sit There! You can’t un-know this stuff Commit to a program, commit to repostioning yourself in your community Join the Big Vision and leverage years, dollars and experience 17
  18. 18. It IS a Revolution Sudden, Radical or complete Change Fundamental Change in Politics Change of Paradigm Activity designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation 18
  19. 19. Remember! Check out the Blog The Blair 2008 Conference Dr. Dan Murphy Dr. Shawn Dill Dr. Drew Hall Free Student Lodging Brain Rules 19
  20. 20. Thank You! 20