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New Year, New You: Motion is Life


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Week 3 of the New Year, New You series @ RCC

New Year, New You: Motion is Life

  1. 1. NEW YEAR, NEW YOU Week 3: Motion is Life Dr. Cole Bradburn, D.C.
  2. 2. MOTION IS LIFE Everything in your body that is keeping you alive is moving heart, lungs, brain signals, muscles, blood. In fact, these vital organs need movement in order to function properly. In the beginning, God created man to move. Before technology, everything having to do with survival required movement. like Pastor Jim says, God can’t steer a parked car. Building shelter, traveling, farming, hunting = physical action.
  3. 3. MOTION IS LIFE - USE IT OR LOSE IT “The Law of Adaptation” God put us here to survive, so your body adapts to stresses placed on it When you adapt to something, you un-adapt to something else (ex - warm & cold climates, altitudes) If you move, your body will adapt to get stronger, leaner, and healthier. If you don’t: weaker, sicker, heavier. Your body streamlines itself for what it has to handle on a regular basis
  4. 4. FUNDAMENTAL SCIENTIFIC TRUTHS 1. All living things are composed of cells working in balance in a self-healing and self-regulating organism. 2.Our bodies are programmed for normal, balanced, healthy function. They do not function outside of balance unless forced to adapt to a physical, chemical, emotional, or a spiritual stressor (toxicities and deficiencies). 3.We are programmed with the perfect recipe for health; it is our choices and living environment that will determine if the proper ingredients are supplied. 4.Sickness is a lack of health (like darkness is a lack of light). if you are deficient in movement, you are unable to process nutrition if you are deficient in nutrition, you are unable to move properly if you are emotionally/spiritually deficient, you are unable to move/nutr Physical health, mental health, spiritual health all are linked to Motion
  5. 5. WHAT IS STRESS? Physical Stress is always present, and in 4 dimensions. Physical - injury, posture, Stress Chemical repetitive use, lack of motion. Chemical - what you eat, drink, put on your skin, pollution Emotional Emotional - work, home, muscles family, financial Spiritual Spiritual - not connected with joints God, missing prime time, not in prayer, etc.. nervous sys *finger proprioception participation stress depresses immune system Alarm->Adaptation->Exhaustion->Death (General Adaptation Syn) introduce subluxation. an interference in the nervous system Subluxation is a stress response and movement deficiency problem.
  6. 6. RESEARCH ON STRESS Movement is the innate way we have to return to balance (naturally decrease stress/anxiety and increase pleasure/learning) - J. Chestnut “Innate Physical Fitness” Eaton & Eaton: Human Physical Activity & Implications on Health 2003 “At present, human genes and human lives are incongruent, especially in affluent Western nations. When our genes were originally created, daily physical exertion was obligatory.” 2001 Stress & Disease: Who Gets Sick, Who Stays Well - Michael Meaney, Ph.D. “Chronic stress has lead to cognition changes and brain shrinkage. Chronic movement (stimulation) results in brain connection increase.” “Stress sharpens signal detection at the expense of concentration.” (Stressed person becomes easily distracted). Stress used to be a response for survival. Tiger - fight or run - the key was movement to burn off the stress (hormones). Now we sit at a computer, anticipate future stressful events, bad hair day, etc.. When we dwell on the neg we become more oversensitive and over reactive.
  7. 7. RESEARCH ON STRESS So stress puts your body into “survival mode.” You are not growing, adapting, & healing in survival mode.* Stress When stress occurs, one of two things happen: 1. You deal with it immediately 2.You store in your muscles/nervous system muscles How do you deal with stress? Motion joints 1. Chiropractic Adjustments 2.Exercise nervous sys *you don’t score points on defense. since nerves control every muscle/organ/gland/cell, if they aren’t functioning at 100% you are not working/healing at 100%
  8. 8. WHY CHIROPRACTIC? Chiropractic is a system of understanding how the body communicates vital messages Without communication of life in body parts, they cease to be alive. Ronald Pero, Ph.D. “Subluxations decrease the genetic potential of the human species.” Only a chiropractic adjustment removes subluxation & reprograms the nervous system. It introduces specific motion at “locked” areas, releasing deeply held stress Balance & Tension. If your spine stays out of balance, it can put tension on your nervous system If you live in a state of chronic tension, “It is possible to be well adjusted and not be well. It is not then you throw your entire nervous possible to be well unless you system out of balance. are well adjusted.” when you keep someone adjusted they stay out of survival mode and the nervous system can start learning from its environment and expand its efficiency (increase health)
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF CHIROPRACTIC Increased Energy, Increased Immune Function, Increased Metabolism, Decreased “Brain Fog” increased cardiac function, increased CD4 & immunoglobulins decreased triglyceride, decreased BP This is a pre- and post-functional MRI of a female’s brain. She is performing the action of wiggling her left ankle.
  10. 10. WHY EXERCISE What is the most important nutrient in the body? “Do you not know that in a Oxygen race all the runners run, but You can go weeks without food only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” You can go days without water -- 1 Corinthians 9:24 You can only go minutes without oxygen! Exercise is important because without it, your body becomes inefficient at taking in, absorbing, storing, and using oxygen. As a result, you are literally choking yourself to death slowly. Signs of oxygen depletion: fatigue, injury, memory loss, joint pain, sleep disorders, depression.
  11. 11. BENEFITS OF EXERCISE As You Move, You Will Build Health •Provides energy •Combats low blood sugar •Prevents injury •Combats depression •Decrease memory loss •Increases libido •Decrease joint/muscle pain •Burns fat/builds muscle •Combat infections •Improves digestion •Fights sleep disorders •Elevates mood •Increased metabolism •Decreases anxiety Q: Why don’t people exercise? A: Takes too long, Is too boring, Is too painful
  12. 12. EXERCISE BY MAN Unnatural Movements Strange Equipment Abusive Sports Pushing your heart, lungs, muscles, joints to their maximum limits Man decided this was good to do. Exercising this way increases the potential for: injury organ failure hating exercise/quitting
  13. 13. THE HEART OF THE MATTER Aerobic exercise - kicks in around the 15 minute mark of sustained movement that is increasing your heart rate. Also called Cardio. Utilizes heart & lungs. (walk, jog, bike, swim) The second you start sweating and your heart starts pounding Arteries get stronger, more flexible, and larger Blood sugar & insulin balance Increased lung function (removal of CO) More blood vessels being formed.
  14. 14. YOUR MOVING ZONES Zone 1 - Max Heart Rate (MHR) MHR = 220 - your age Number of heart beats/min you should not exceed during exercise. Training at or near this is painful and dangerous Zones 2 & 3 - Fat burning zones. Heart rate you want for experiencing exercise that is effective, pain free, & healthy. Fat Utilization Rate (FUR) 55-75% of MHR Comfortable way for anyone at any level to exercise and burn fat 5 days per week. Performance Enhancement Rate (PER) 75-85% MHR Increase athletic performance (distance & speed) while burning fat. Zone 4 - Sugar Utilization Rate (SUR) - at or near MHR. While exercising at SUR, you are burning sugar instead of fat. There is a great deal of dangerous stress being placed on your joints and cardiovascular system.
  15. 15. YOUR MOVING ZONES Example: 40 years old MHR = 220 - 40. MHR = 180 FUR = 55-75% of (180) = 99-135 bpm PER = 75-85% of (180) = 135-153 bpm For increased accuracy of FUR & PER: Raise by 5 beats if you are regularly exercising Raise by 10 beats if you are an experienced athlete Lower by 5 beats if you are just starting out Lower by 10 beats if you are on medication or recovering from illness. finger on wrist or neck, take for 10 seconds x 6
  16. 16. ACTION STEPS WEEK 3 Eat 5 foods by God per day Eat 4-5 times per day Begin food replacement* Choose any simple exercise to do three times a week for 20 minutes 5 -10-5 (5 warm up, 10 FUR, 5 cool down) Try to be time-less If you are feeling like you are always running out of time, you are right! This feeling of hurry creates tremendous stress. Slowing down to pay attention to God, your family, and your health will begin creating peace that can only come by those areas of your life beginning to work out. 15 minute Spiritual Triathalon 5 minutes prayer time 5 minutes Bible time 5 minutes quiet time *Look for healthier versions of the most prominent Food by Man in your diet so you can reduce FBM and increase FBG. John 3:30 - “He must Increase, I must Decrease”
  17. 17. SUMMARY WEEK 1-3 Health is largely wisdom that was passed down through generations (eat well, move well, think well, connect well). At some point, our common sense was taken away by convenience, advertising, and marketing. The secret to a healthy life and feeling young is to keep your body moving properly so it does not deteriorate prematurely (chiropractic adjustments, exercise), eating from God’s garden (raw fruits & vegetables, grass fed organic meat), and maintaining hope, faith, and an optimistic outlook. Modern illnesses are avoidable, modern health is attainable. Thomas Edison quote The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.