Global Humanitarian Interventionism


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Over the years--from grad school to today--I have been fortunate to have worked with amazing people all over the world, and bring psychology to projects to help make a difference. This presentation will cover both career options, connections and tools to help grad students as well as faculty do more on the global level.

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Global Humanitarian Interventionism

  1. Global Health Inequity and Humanitarian Intervention Inspirations, ideas and tools Chris E. Stout, PsyD, PhD Managing Director, Center for Global Initiatives College of Medicine, University of Illinois, Chicago
  2. Please note this is a February 2014 presentation, and while you can see most of what I showed, you cannot hear what I said, and I wish you could. You may reach me via if I may be of help to you in your work. Cheers, Chris
  3. Books, Books, Books….
  4. And now for something completely different…
  5. Soweto, South Africa
  6. Tanzania…
  7. Halong Bay, Vietnam
  8. Mary Fabri, PsyD
  9. Bosnia
  10. REcovered Medical Equipment Developing Y (world) William Rosenblatt, MD
  11. Sabriye Tenberken & Paul Kronenberg
  12. Erik Weihenmayer
  13. International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs
  14. Geek Corps Ethan Zuckerman
  15. Sustainable Sciences Institute
  16. Drs. Raj and Mabelle Arole Shobha Arole, MD
  17. Changes in Health Indicators (1971-2006) Overview of Activities (1970 – 2006) TB patients treated Infant Mortality Rate Reduction Maternal Health Antenatal Care Safe Delivery Family Planning 86.36% Tube-wells for safe drinking water 0.5% 100% <0.5% 100% <1.0% 65% Children under 5 Immun.(DPT, polio) 0.5% 87% Malnutr. (wt for age) 40% <1% TB (prev./1000) 18 1.2 9,621 198 Plant nurseries – villages 203 Check dams 223 Houses built for poor people Women involved in credit program 283 6,064 Training in CommunityBased Health (since 1983) Persons from India 17,661 Persons from other countries 1,911
  18. Institute for OneWorld Health Victoria Hale, PhD
  19. Marie Charles, MD
  20. Jennifer Staple-Clark
  21. Witness.
  22. A word is worth 1/1000th of a picture…
  23. Witness
  24. Scojo Foundation.
  25. Mother Theresa once said: “If you cannot feed one-hundred, then feed just one.”
  26. Fasten your seat belt, next stop: The Amazon
  27. Amazon…
  28. Amazon...
  29. Amazon…
  30. Amazon…
  31. Amazon
  32. Adjust your seat belt, next stop: Bolivia
  33. Bolivian Prisons (and Clark)
  34. Sometimes you can at least solve part of the problem….
  35. OK, So, now WHAT?
  36. It’s about tech…
  37. I was always frustrated with the disconnect of getting helpful information and tools to those that needed it.
  38. And I have been doing some experimenting….
  39. But we may have cracked the code
  40. Curated Library
  41. It’s about: Accelerants…
  42. It’s about: Collaborations
  43. And this kind of work can be transformational for YOU as well. Here’s what happened to me…
  44. It was transformative! I went from this…. To this….
  45. Thank you for what you do. Please be in touch…