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Dr Chris Stout Writing and Presenting

  1. How To Market, By WritingAnd Presenting, And Get PaidFor It!Dr. Chris Stout
  2. Before I Started Writing…
  3. …And After.
  4. Books, Books, Books….
  5. Amazon Best Sellers Rank
  6. Getting Started Reviewing (nice way to start) Scientific Articles – Publish or Perish• Highly ranked, peer reviewed journals are the(academic) gold standard• Dr. Kremer Presentations => Publications• APS chapter, papers… Professional Magazines• Modern Healthcare• Division 42• Illinois Psychologist Freelance Columnist
  7. Getting Started What I CANNOT tell you about• Getting an agent• Pitching a manuscript Non-fiction• Never write first• Always contract first! Scientific first => pop book Editing vs. Writing Novels/fiction/screenplays• Agent• Kellerman/Mayer
  8. Contracts a-go-go or a-no-go? Advances/Royalties Wiley vs. APA Ownership Right of first refusal  Contracts are negotiable Control (ha, ha)• Cover art• Ink color• Font style• Size/cut Sell by the chapter
  9. Marketing Ideas Get “Names” to write your•Foreword•Afterword•“Early Praise” Surprisingly not hard Past APA Presidents WEF Founder The trick?•Ask!
  10. The New Humanitarians
  11. Oprah On Line 1 You may believe that once your book ispublished, your work is done. It’s not. It’s only the beginning. Here are 10 ways to getstarted:• Participate in online forums about yourbook’s subject.• Ask colleagues, friends and book bloggers ifthey would review your book. Don’t forgetto offer them a free copy of your book.• Create a mailing list composed of peoplewho have shown interest in your work.Keep them informed about anything newthat you’ve written.• Go to Amazon Central to create an authorprofile so readers can learn more about you.
  12. Amazon Author Central Page
  13. Oprah On Line 2 Join social media sites and groups withinthose sites that might be interested in yourbook. Join APA’s media referral services. Be readyto define your specific expertise. Then, beprompt in returning journalists’ phone callsand helping them develop their stories. Issue press releases about your work. Don’tmake the press release promotional. Instead,orient it toward stimulating the interest of areporter or producer. You can write yourown press release or purchase them fromservices that will also distribute them to themedia (e.g., PR Newswire).
  14. Website Marketing: Hard Core
  15. Website Marketing: Soft Core
  16. Website Marketing: Medium Core
  17. Self-Publishing: Blog Blogging• Aim for keywords that solveproblems (“How to deal with apassive-aggressive husband”)• Provide tips that deliver (“10tips for helping your kid get bettergrades”), or• Answer intriguing questions(“Why don’t men live as long aswomen?”)
  18. Blogging on Other Sites
  19. Self-Publishing: Books Print-on-demand (POD) technology,copies of a book are not printed until anorder is received.• Services: proofread and edit yourmanuscript,• index and design your book,• create a book jacket,• provide you with an ISBN (InternationalStandard Book Number),• put your book into distribution,• take care of order fulfillment, publicity andmarketing services.
  20. Self-Publishing: Words of Caution They frequently overcharge Sell unnecessary services and Overstate what they will do. You may be seduced into spending many thousandsof dollars to get your book printed and distributed.And that’s without any marketing or publicityservices. So, be an educated consumer: know what services you need and know whatthose services should cost. Then you need to comparison shop. There are lots of companies out there and thepricing of their packaged plans frequentlychange.
  21. Amazons CreateSpace
  22. Self-Publishing: Amazons CreateSpace Their printing costs are the lowest, There are no initial set-up fees, and They offer a non-exclusive agreement that keepsyour future publishing and distribution optionsopen. They have Kindle distribution so your book,once converted, can be published as an e-Bookas well. ProPlan is $39• Larger royalty, receive reduced printing costs and gainaccess to an expanded distribution channel.• Almost all authors need some self-publishing services(editing, formatting, book design, cover design,marketing and publicity) and Create Space offers them -for additional fees or you can do them your self andthen use CreateSpace to publish and distribute yourbook.
  23. Your book is also your… New “brochure” Promotional tool/give-away Edit and update as often as youlike Have you bio and kindwords/endorsements Add web-links (maybe tiny.url) Buy in bulk ~$3.00/book.
  24. Contemporary Psychology
  25. Talks Venues for Sales• Public Libraries ($ )• Barnes & Noble (No $ )• Colleges (you’re what that activity fee was for)• OrganizationsDiv 42 @ APA Venues for Opportunities• Schools/PTAs (consults/referrals)• Houses of Worship (referrals)• Professional (academic currency)
  26. So You Want To Be In Show Biz…?
  27. Talks, aka $peaking Engagements Have a Prepared Agreement Form*• Who is the audience?• Free or fee?• Value to you even if free?• If fee, how much…?• ExpensesActual costs incurred or per diem?What’s covered? And not…?• Basically clarity on all the detailsmakes everyone happy.
  28. Be Relevant:Piggy-back on the Calendar New Year’s - Goal planning, growth,renewal, drinking Valentine’s Day - Love, relationships,sexuality Ides of March - Anger management,dealing with betrayal April/Spring - Goals, growth, renewal
  29.  May - Natl. Anxiety Screening Day,Anxiety and related spectrumdisorders June – Marriage, love, relationships,sexuality, family July/August/Summer - Vacation, timemanagement, parentingBe Relevant:Piggy-back on the Calendar
  30.  September/back to School/Grandparents’ Day/ 9-11 - Parenting,trauma, school/education issues October/breast cancer and MHAwareness Weeks - Stigma, support Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah,Kwanzaa - Families, overeating,managing expectationsBe Relevant:Piggy-back on the Calendar
  31. Your Publicity Action Plan* Media Outlet Reasons To Contact Deadline Publicity Idea Ways To Make My Work Stand Out What I need To Do To Make It Happen
  32. Media Kits* Make Various “Kits” Different Biographical Emphasis Time Of Year Topic Audience Qs (and As)