Dr Chris Stout The Portfolio Career


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Dr Chris Stout The Portfolio Career

  1. The “Portfolio” Career A benefit of being a therapist is that you also havethe opportunity to enjoy other kinds of work… Books/Writing Academic Consultative Humanitarian All the above 
  2. ResearchGate
  3. Academia.Edu
  4. Cool Tools There are a number of goodies that you now havefrom this conference, and please to take a look-seesometime at the Getting Started and Getting Betterbooks for more details, examples and mechanics—beyond just marketing. And here are a few more… Feel free to keep in touch as well:DrChrisStout@gmail.com
  5. Wouldn’t it be great if… There was a way to not have to be on a million ListServsgetting 2 million emails, most of which are not helpful…andstill be able to stay on top of what’s going on? And to not have to worry about missing something importantwhile away on vacation or just during a busy time? Almost daily I scour over two dozen newsfeeds and collect thebest content I come across, relevant to my curated Table ofContents. Two to four times a month I then upload this content into aDropBox account.
  6. Free Online Courses
  7. Consulting
  8. GLG Research Earn consulting fees Educate business and investment leaders Network with global leaders Participate at your convenience Be confident of privacy and integrity 850+ client firms worldwide
  9. GLG Research Expand Your Consulting Opportunities 11,000+ consultations each month 35,000+ GLG News posts authored by CouncilMembers 60,000+ paid survey respondents
  10. Council Member Eligibility Provide GLG with complete and current information about yourself,knowledge, current employer, employment history and off-limits topicsand conflicts Complete an on-line Council Member Tutorial about their confidentialityobligations and about GLGs additional compliance rules Signed current version of the GLG Terms and Conditions of CouncilMembership ("Terms and Conditions"); GLGs Contract ManagementSystem tracks the version and exact date of the Council Membersagreement, and systematically enforces annual recertification and upgrades.
  11. The Final Tips…
  12.  Learn who authors what you like best in your specialtyDo your homework on who you want to learnfromBuckminster FullerRichard Saul Wurman Read outside of your specialty, too Be willing to pay dues (laterally and figuratively) Be willing to delay gratificationYou can do (almost) anything, if time limited
  13.  Be curious Be active and adaptive Be patient and impatient Network like a fiendRemember to Never Eat Lunch Alone..! Volunteer Do lots for free when starting outNo such thing as scutwork, there are just lowpaying opportunities
  14.  Willingness to volunteer State Legislative (liked advocacy)  Co-Chair Chair  FAC  SLC Parallel track as SPA “Area-code” rep All built experience to go for Prez Easier today to get involved in Divisions, Stateassociations and APA Cheaper to “sample” as a grad student or EC
  15.  Volunteer to be on a committee  co-chair orchair  higher level leadership Once a state Prez  SLC and connect with APAleaders Once a past-prez, go for Fellow in APA via Div 31 once a fellow in one division, much easier to getbe a fellow in others Lisa Grossman’s how-to chapter.
  16.  Research  Publications and Presentations Press Releases on P&Ps Lead to Interviews Interviews lead to more Interviews Collect your reprints/media appearances and organizeand have at the ready Blog and Tweet CNBC, CNN, WGN, NBC, PBS, NPR, Medical Rounds,Chicago Tonight, CL-TV, Oprah, Eye On Harvard,Christina, Time, Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal,Men’s Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Women’s Day,Modern Healthcare, Associated Press, Child Magazine,Chicago Sun-Times, Windy City Sports, Monitor onPsychology, yada yada yada...
  17.  Apply for thingsAwardsGigs• Thickens the skin• Makes less intimidating Be the Psychologist/Social Worker/Therapistat the tablePublic Health• Fellowship• Board of HealthWEF/GLT/Davos…
  18.  Be opportunisticLuck favors the well prepared Get a Mentor or Coach or Consultant (or two)Doesn’t have to be a psychologistBe prepared to pay for it (you paid for classes, right?)Creatively barter• Swap pro bono Rx for mentorship
  19.  Combine/Combine/Combine!!!Renaissance WeekendsCompanion AirfaresFrequent flyer/stay pointsBusiness+Pleasure =  Selfishness of climbsSummitsForOthers.org
  20.  The Secret Key for getting what you want: Ask The trick is how/whoMehmet OzKlaus SchwabKeith Ferrazzi“Famous psychologist”
  21. Non-profit Work
  22.  To-date: Approximately 20,000 people(orphans and the very poor) havereceived medical services andfood. 70 orphans have been educatedin the kindergarten. In 2010: “73 cents-a-life”Campaign We partnered at Humuma andKibosho Hospitals to providemeds. 4100 people were successfullytreated for malaria. 28% of those were infectedchildren under the age of five.
  23. Methods,Experiences,Networking &Training,Organizing &Research Tools Training (with UIC) Materials Contacts Social Networking.
  24. Think about what interests you orhow you could make a differenceScale is unimportant:Mother Teresa said “If you cant feed ahundred people, then feed just one.”The Power of the Small Project