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Dr Chris Stout Outcomes Management


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Dr Chris Stout Outcomes Management

  1. Outcomes Management inYour Practice
  2. Power of Outcomes Satisfaction SurveysCustomize to your practice and satisfy your curiositiesConsider administering concurrently and at D/CImportant of non-clinical aspectsLoud ReceptionistBad lighting
  3. Power of Outcomes Pre/Post Treatment Screens Brief Sx Inventories BDI SCL Self-administered Augment initial eval Great sites…
  4. Power of Outcomes
  5. Power of Outcomes ORS: Outcome Rating Scale CORS: Child Outcome Rating Scale SRS: Session Rating Scale CSRS: Child Session Rating Scale YCORS: Young Child Outcome Rating Scale YCSRS: Young Child Session Rating Scale GSRS: Group Session Rating Scale LASS: Leeds Alliance in Supervision Scale
  6. Power of Outcomes
  7. Power of OutcomesAll these for the price of…
  8.  Satisfaction Surveys: Part 2Referral SatisfactionOther Stakeholder SatisfactionSupervisee?Receptionist/Support Staff?Power of Outcomes
  9.  Follow-Up SurveysSatisfactionSx reduction Seamless As PossibleBlend with SOPsTools for MarketingTolls for ContractingNeuroPsych and BPDPower of Outcomes