Tooth colored fillings part 1 (new york cosmetic dentist 10019)


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Dr. Catrise Austin is an expert New York Cosmetic Dentist. In 1908, she opened an office under the banner "VIP Smiles", a modern dental practice that boasts an impressive loyal following, including some of the warmest smiles in the entertainment industry.

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Tooth colored fillings part 1 (new york cosmetic dentist 10019)

  1. 1. Tooth-colored Fillings! (Part 1): Dr. Catrise Austin
  2. 2. Tooth-colored Fillings (Part 1): Composite Resin and Inlays §  Many celebs want to hide those old, unsightly silver fillings. One popular New York on-air personality that is big on smiles had me remove every single silver filling and replace them with the porcelain fillings – the result was amazing! The number one question that celebs ask me is, “Is it safe to remove the silver?” §  In most instances, the answer is, “Yes.” Before changing the silver, it’s important that your dentist review your most current set of x-rays to determine how deep your existing silver filling is. The deeper the filling is, the closer to the nerve it may be. The closer the filling is to the nerve, the greater chances of having prolonged tooth sensitivity, which could potentially lead to a root canal.
  3. 3. Tooth-colored Fillings (Part 1): §  So have your dentist tell you if you are a candidate for changing your silver fillings and your risk level of having sensitivity. Changing your silver fillings is another procedure that can give you an instant A-List Smile like the stars. §  Dentistry has come a long way since the time when metal amalgam fillings were the norm. Advanced materials give today’s dental professionals more freedom to create natural-looking fillings that are both aesthetically and structurally superior to their predecessors.
  4. 4. Tooth-colored Fillings (Part 1): §  Advances in modern dental materials have enabled doctors to treat teeth that are decayed, damaged or worn with tooth-colored fillings. Your dental expert can repair teeth and replace old fillings using natural-looking porcelain or plastic “composite resin” materials that are carefully matched to the color of your existing teeth. Porcelain tooth- colored fillings which are called “inlays” provide the same protection as silver while remaining virtually invisible and are now considered to be “state-of the-art” and the “new standard of care” in dentistry.
  5. 5. Tooth-colored Fillings (Part 1): How does the procedure work? §  Depending on the depth of the cavity or chip, numbing may or may not be needed. The necessary drilling is performed to remove the decay or existing silver filling or reshape the chipped tooth in preparation for your tooth colored filling. If you and your dentist choose to use the stronger porcelain “inlay” to fill the tooth, a molding is taken of the tooth, it is sent to the porcelain lab and a temporary filling is placed in the tooth to be worn as your inlay is being made. §  A second visit is needed to permanently place the filling. All tooth colored fillings are adhered to the tooth structure by way of bonding. First, A mild acid is placed on the tooth to “open the pores” of the outer and inner tooth structure. Next, the dentist will place a liquid adhesive in the tooth that acts as a “glue” to hold and eventually lock the filling material inside the pores of the tooth.
  6. 6. Tooth-colored Fillings (Part 1): §  The filling is then secured and locked with an UV light. If you and your dentist choose to use the plastic composite resin to fill the tooth, your dentist will have the material in his or her office and will select and place the color material that matches your tooth the best. Once your filling is placed, it is smoothed and shaped properly as well as polished to feel as normal as your original tooth felt.
  7. 7. Call Today for a Consultation! Dr. Catrise Austin 119 W. 57th Street, Suite 512 New York, New York 10019 Phone (212) 262-6054 Website: As a New York Cosmetic Dentist (10019), we offer a variety of dental services including but not limited to: Cosmetic Dentistry :: Dental Crowns :: Dental Health :: Dental Implants :: Family Dentistry :: General Dentistry :: Porcelain Veneers :: Composite Veneers :: Restorative Dentistry :: Braces :: Smile Makeover :: Teeth Whitening :: Sedation Dentistry. As a New York Cosmetic Dentist (10019), we serve the following areas: We serve patients all over the world as well as those in the following areas: Manhattan, NY :: Harlem, NY :: MidTown, NY :: New York, NY :: Time Square :: Upper West Side :: Upper East Side.