Step 5 care for your a list smile (new york cosmetic dentist 10019)


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Dr. Catrise Austin is an expert New York Cosmetic Dentist. In 1908, she opened an office under the banner "VIP Smiles", a modern dental practice that boasts an impressive loyal following, including some of the warmest smiles in the entertainment industry.

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Step 5 care for your a list smile (new york cosmetic dentist 10019)

  1. 1. Step 5: Care For Your A-List Smile Dr. Catrise Austin
  2. 2. Step 5: Care For Your A-List Smile §  “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” ~ Mark Twain §  Getting an A-List Smile is only half the battle; caring for your A- List Smile assures that the confidence you feel now won’t wane or lapse as a result of insufficient or negligent care once the excitement dies down and routine sets in. I recognize that dentistry is not the most popular of procedures for my patients. I also know that “out of sight, out of mind” definitely applies when it comes to recent dental procedures.
  3. 3. Step 5: Care For Your A-List Smile §  Patients often think that one procedure is enough, or that once a procedure is done, that’s it; there’s no need for proper care and maintenance. But as fitness trainers tell their clients all the time, “You didn’t gain all this weight overnight; you’re not going to lose it overnight, either.” In other words, maintaining an A-List Smile is a full-time job. Here are a few ways 5 Steps to a Hollywood A-List Smile can help: §  Proper Cleaning Procedures §  Healthy Cleaning Habits on the Go §  Proper Care and Maintenance for the A-List Smile: Product by Product §  What next?
  4. 4. Step 5: Care For Your A-List Smile §  In many ways, this is one of the blogs’s most important topics. After all, what good is an A-List Smile if you don’t care for it? The best part about this topic is that, unlike getting an A-List Smile, caring for one doesn’t have to time-intensive, painful or even expensive. §  The main thing to remember when preparing to care for your new smile is to create good, solid habits built around a daily routine of sensible and timely intervention techniques that both foster healthy oral care plus the specific requirements dictated by your new smile.
  5. 5. Step 5: Care For Your A-List Smile §  Many of my patients think that just because they’ve got a new A- List Smile their work is done; nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, now is where the real work begins. Remember that lack of interest and bad habits may have helped contribute to your less-than A-List Smile in the first place; don’t repeat history just because your dental work is now done. §  Much like the confidence gained from having a great smile is built on good habits and positive emotions, so too is caring for your AList Smile. Dental care is a process that comes from forming good habits.
  6. 6. Step 5: Care For Your A-List Smile §  Human nature is hard to change; we are creatures of habit – both good and bad habits! If you didn’t care for your smile before, you won’t do it now just because you have a prettier smile. If you do it at all, it will be because you’ve made up your mind to change what you’re doing for yourself in every way. §  View this not just as an opportunity to close the door on good oral healthcare but to throw it wide open and really take advantage of your new smile by building healthy, hopeful habits to keep it A-List for the rest of your life. §  A-List Advice: §  Health = habits! I want you to remember this equation as you read forward and uncover the secrets to caring for an A-List Smile. The better your smile habits are, the cleaner your mouth will be and the healthier YOU will be.
  7. 7. Call Today for a Consultation! Dr. Catrise Austin 119 W. 57th Street, Suite 512 New York, New York 10019 Phone (212) 262-6054 Website: As a New York Cosmetic Dentist (10019), we offer a variety of dental services including but not limited to: Cosmetic Dentistry :: Dental Crowns :: Dental Health :: Dental Implants :: Family Dentistry :: General Dentistry :: Porcelain Veneers :: Composite Veneers :: Restorative Dentistry :: Braces :: Smile Makeover :: Teeth Whitening :: Sedation Dentistry. As a New York Cosmetic Dentist (10019), we serve the following areas: We serve patients all over the world as well as those in the following areas: Manhattan, NY :: Harlem, NY :: MidTown, NY :: New York, NY :: Time Square :: Upper West Side :: Upper East Side.