Smile makeover treatments (new york cosmetic dentist 10019)


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Dr. Catrise Austin is an expert New York Cosmetic Dentist. In 1908, she opened an office under the banner "VIP Smiles", a modern dental practice that boasts an impressive loyal following, including some of the warmest smiles in the entertainment industry.

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Smile makeover treatments (new york cosmetic dentist 10019)

  1. 1. Smile Makeover Treatments Dr. Catrise Austin
  2. 2. Smile Makeover Treatments §  Depending on your needs and goals, your dental expert may combine a number of different techniques to complete your A-List Smile makeover. Often, a simple smile makeover entails a professional teeth cleaning and teeth whitening with ZOOM! teeth-whitening. To correct minor problems with the position of your teeth, Invisalign clear braces or porcelain veneers may be recommended.
  3. 3. Smile Makeover Treatments §  For more serious smile problems, you may need traditional braces, gum therapy, root canal surgery, extractions, implant placements, or crowns to complete your makeover. Your dental expert may suggest the Snap-On Smile, a removable dental appliance that gives you many of the benefits of a smile design with less cost and a smaller commitment of time. The beauty of the Snap-On Smile is that you can choose to wear it long term or for a short time as a “trial smile” before deciding if you want permanent makeover treatments. §  The important thing to remember is to consult with your dental expert honestly, openly and exhaustively about just exactly what your options are. Regardless of your needs, your dental expert should be more than familiar with all of the above products and procedures – and so much more. If he or she isn’t, ask them to recommend someone who is.
  4. 4. Smile Makeover Treatments §  A-List Advice: §  If you won’t be using your regular dentist to help create your A- List Smile, be sure to research your new dentist thoroughly. I would start by asking for referrals or doing a Google search of the most renowned cosmetic dentist(s) in your area, then set up a consultation with your new dentist of choice to tour his or her office; if you don’t like what you see and feel right away, continue searching until you find the dentist that you feel most comfortable with.
  5. 5. Call Today for a Consultation! Dr. Catrise Austin 119 W. 57th Street, Suite 512 New York, New York 10019 Phone (212) 262-6054 Website: As a New York Cosmetic Dentist (10019), we offer a variety of dental services including but not limited to: Cosmetic Dentistry :: Dental Crowns :: Dental Health :: Dental Implants :: Family Dentistry :: General Dentistry :: Porcelain Veneers :: Composite Veneers :: Restorative Dentistry :: Braces :: Smile Makeover :: Teeth Whitening :: Sedation Dentistry. As a New York Cosmetic Dentist (10019), we serve the following areas: We serve patients all over the world as well as those in the following areas: Manhattan, NY :: Harlem, NY :: MidTown, NY :: New York, NY :: Time Square :: Upper West Side :: Upper East Side.