Proper cleaning procedures (new york cosmetic dentist 10019)


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Dr. Catrise Austin is an expert New York Cosmetic Dentist. In 1908, she opened an office under the banner "VIP Smiles", a modern dental practice that boasts an impressive loyal following, including some of the warmest smiles in the entertainment industry.

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Proper cleaning procedures (new york cosmetic dentist 10019)

  1. 1. Proper Cleaning Procedures Dr. Catrise Austin
  2. 2. Proper Cleaning Procedures §  Just because you now have an A-List Smile don’t think that you can ignore the basics: brushing, flossing and proper nutrition are the backbone of any healthy smile, and shouldn’t be ignored just because you’ve been to the dentist four times in the last two months to polish off your A-List Smile: Brush-a-Brush §  Regardless of whether you have Invisalign, a Snap-On Smile, dental bonding, implants, porcelain veneers or other procedures that may improve your smile, brushing your teeth will become an integral part of keeping an A-List Smile for as long as possible.
  3. 3. Proper Cleaning Procedures §  While certain appliances such as Invisalign clear braces or Snap- On Smiles might require special, extra cleaning procedures (see the next section for specific notes on proper care and procedures), don’t forget the basics: brush twice a day with a soft or an electric toothbrush, and be persistent about it. §  The proper brushing technique is to hold your brush at a 45-degree angle toward the gum line. The goal is to remove cavity causing and gum disease causing plaque that may be hiding below the gums. Make sure to brush the front, biting and tongue surfaces of your teeth. Total brushing time per brushing session should be two minutes.
  4. 4. Proper Cleaning Procedures §  Getting an A-List Smile should motivate you to care for your teeth even more than before, and if you feel your resolve lagging try this simple trick: look in the mirror! The best way to stay motivated about keeping an A-List Smile is to see it, front and center, every day.
  5. 5. Call Today for a Consultation! Dr. Catrise Austin 119 W. 57th Street, Suite 512 New York, New York 10019 Phone (212) 262-6054 Website: As a New York Cosmetic Dentist (10019), we offer a variety of dental services including but not limited to: Cosmetic Dentistry :: Dental Crowns :: Dental Health :: Dental Implants :: Family Dentistry :: General Dentistry :: Porcelain Veneers :: Composite Veneers :: Restorative Dentistry :: Braces :: Smile Makeover :: Teeth Whitening :: Sedation Dentistry. As a New York Cosmetic Dentist (10019), we serve the following areas: We serve patients all over the world as well as those in the following areas: Manhattan, NY :: Harlem, NY :: MidTown, NY :: New York, NY :: Time Square :: Upper West Side :: Upper East Side.