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Stress and brahma dr. shriniwas kashalikar


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Published in: Education
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Stress and brahma dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. In one of my articles I have written about the practice of NAMASMARAN and one of its inevitable aspects viz. the holistic perspective, thinking, plans and programs and their implementation. This was to show and reawaken ourselves to the basic and undeniable unity between true spiritualism and material life and get involved in SUPERLIVING. One such major problem of inaction and hypocrisy; is caused by conceptual misunderstanding of the aphorism “I am Brahma”. We have become apolitical, petty, indolent, indifferent, irresponsible, degraded and self destructive; due to our delusion “I am brahma”! We are brahma in our talks, imagination and preaching; but (due to insufficient adequate SADHANA and NAMASMARAN)
  3. 3. mundane in our behavior, (which we try to disguise in some charity; and feel gratified). We do not realize that “I am brahma” is true only for extremely few exceptional individuals and not for all. All of us are [brahma + (body + mind + society + and many things included in internal and external environment called “maya”)]. Hence our aim should be to gradually transcend maya through NAMASMARAN and SWADHARMA (which I have conceptualized in SUPERLIVING); as evinced in Gita and no more remain cut off from participating the national perspective, policy making, plans, programs and their implementation! This must be done for own blossoming in view of the fact observed every day; that even though; “I am brahma”, “I am also body, mind, society and the mankind” and I do not
  4. 4. merely enjoy or suffer by their influence, but my life is impossible without them. In the process of NAMASMARAN and SWADHARMA (SUPERLIVING); I am sure I would reach the state of being brahma and where I do not have to imagine or declare that “I am brahma”.