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Understanding digital culture


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Understanding digital culture

  1. 1. Understanding Digital CultureDr Bex Lewis, Research Fellow in Social Media and Online Learning, CODEC, Durham UniversityThis work is licensed under a CreativeCommons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
  2. 2. Image Credit: Seed Resources
  3. 3. A sense of fun …Image Credit: Facebook Meme
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  5. 5. Communication & RelationshipsImage Credit: iStockphoto
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  7. 7. Rev Prof DavidWilkinsonGod is a communicating God:“In the beginning was theword, and the word wasGod…”.God is extravagant incommunication – he is not asilent God who has to betempted into communicatingwith people.Image Credit: Durham University
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  12. 12. NOTVirtual/RealImage Credit: iStockPhoto
  13. 13. Human Beings at Machines, not “are machines” …
  14. 14. Finding aVoice:
  15. 15. Craig von Buseck, Netcasters, 2010
  16. 16. Craig von Buseck, Netcasters, 2010
  17. 17. Bad thingscan happenanywhere
  18. 18. @6% 360/6636 Persistence Perpetual Beta Scalability Searchability
  19. 19. Who might read it? God Parents ‘The kids’ The newspaper Your worst enemy
  20. 20. AuthenticityImage Credits: Seed Resources/ @digitalfprint
  21. 21. The LongTailImage credit: Empower Network
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  23. 23. A Sense of Community Whilst I cannot conclude my thinking in a wholly positiveway, I acknowledge that great use of all of this to myown personal discipleship. I am a broader Christian, abetter informed Christian, a more readily supportedand sustained Christian and for that I love this digitallife. If that makes me a better Christian, then perhapsits purpose is served if a purpose exists and indeed if apurpose is needed. However, I shall continue to praythat someone, somewhere, can say with absolute claritythat because of this digital community, they came toChrist. @FrDavidCloake
  24. 24. Who is my neighbour? What does it mean to ‘love your neighbour’ in a world inwhich a ‘friend’ might as easily be the kid from down thestreet you grew up with as a woman in Botswana whomyou’ve never seen in person and only know in thecontext of Facebook status updates, photos, and notes?What is the nature of community at prayer in a complineservice tweeted each evening by the cybermonks of aVirtual Abbey? What is the ecclesiological and liturgicalsignificant of worship in various churches across thetheological spectrum on the quasi-3D, virtual reality site‘Second Life’? How can we negotiate spiritualinteraction in these contexts without losing sight ofbasic elements of Christian faith expressed intraditional embodied and geographically locatedpractices of prayer, worship, and compassiontowards others? Tweet if You Heart Jesus, p.xiv
  25. 25. Timing …
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  27. 27. Push/Pull Care for others - genuinely Know that the world doesn’t revolve around you Be ‘remarkable’, be different Earn the right to have others take notice of you Be grateful if ONE person cares what you’re doing Have something to say that matters Do stuff that matters – make an impact Strive to bring value to everyone you connect with Be fantastically generous with our time, money, and kindness Be outrageously committed to making the world better It’s all about relationships – build & nurture them Thanks @ianaspin (
  28. 28. What Biblical values do we want to see inour (digital) world?Image Credit: iStockPhoto
  29. 29. What do the fruits of the spirit look like online?Image Credit: Kezi
  30. 30. What does it mean to share with grace?Image Credit: Seed Resources
  31. 31. @drbexl @digitalfprint @bigbibleImage Credit: iStockPhoto