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Tortured by Technology #CNMAC13


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But 10 minutes to discuss cyber-bullying at the Christian New Media Awards 2013 - a challenge, but this is how I think it will go:

Headlines: 2 minutes
The Bullied: 4 minutes
The Bully: 2 minutes
The Bystander: 2 minutes

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Tortured by Technology #CNMAC13

  1. 1. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. TORTURED THROUGH TECHNOLOGY Dr Bex Lewis, CODEC, Durham University; Social Media Director, Digital Fingerprint
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  9. 9. Image source: SXC.Hu
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  13. 13. Bex Lewis Raising Children in a Digital Age: Enjoying the Best, Avoiding the Worst Lion Hudson 21st February 2014
  14. 14. •The Bullied •The Bully •The Bystander
  15. 15. THE BULLIED Image Source: Stockfresh
  16. 16. 5.5  71
  17. 17. Cyber-Bullying: • • • • • • Threatening or hateful text, email or chat messages Pictures or video clips, including ‘happy slapping’ Silent or abusive phone calls Stealing a phone, and using it to harass others Nasty comments posted on websites or social media Blogging to damage the reputation of privacy of others, including sharing personal data. • Creating Internet polls such as “who’s hot” • Forcing users to share messages, threatening ‘social isolation’ for non-compliance.
  18. 18. Signs specific to cyber-bullying? • • • • • Long hours on the computer Secretive Internet use Screen minimization Refusing to log on or answer phone Extreme possessiveness of phone, to which constant nervous looks are given.
  19. 19. Nature of Online Bullying • • • • • Constant Location-independent Feeling of no escape Fast: others get involved Permanency of the information
  20. 20. Emotionally: • No shame: not their fault • Don’t threaten their online access • Spend extra time together: time for communication • Nurture self-confidence
  21. 21. Practically: • • • • • • • Don’t respond Keep copies of messages as ‘proof’ Understand how to ‘block’ accounts Talk to child re contacting school Think hard before talking to parents of bully Request webhost to remove Get phone number blocked
  22. 22. MediaSmart 2012 1)Ignore 2)Defriend/Block 3)Confront face-to-face 4)If fails, call parents
  23. 23. THE BULLY Image Source: Stockfresh
  24. 24. Disinhibition The bully doesn’t see the distress that they cause, feels safe from capture, and protected by the technology, able to say things that they would never say offline.
  25. 25. ITV, February 2005 • One in five think sending a message in cyberspace is less damaging than face to face insults • Half the teenagers polled believe it is ok to say things online that you would not in person • A third of youths say they troll because their friends do so too.
  26. 26. Zero-Tolerance?
  27. 27. Is it this simple? • Remove their Internet and mobile privileges (for a fixed period) • Get them to write an essay on the dangers of cyberbullying • Assign him/her a book to read about cyberbullying • Assign him/her to community service or other time-consuming activity. • Encourage them to apologise and take responsibility
  28. 28. THE BYSTANDER(S) Image Source: Stockfresh
  29. 29. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing • Quote commonly (and probably erroneously) attributed to Edmund Burke
  30. 30. Digital Allies Image Source: Stockfresh
  31. 31. Matthew 25:40 Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did for me.
  32. 32. Some useful sites for those needing help • (preventing young suicide) • (suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth) • (confidential helpline for those under 19) • (advice about cyberbullying, and opportunities to report your own situation, or someone else’s) • (US based site for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicidal thoughts) • (MTV site for those suffering digital abuse) • (for those suffering LGBT abuse)
  33. 33. • Ferguson, a professor from Texas A&M who researches technologies’ effects on human behaviour: “Youth today are the least aggressive, most civically involved, and mentally well in several generations .” • ‘Imagining the Internet: Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives’, Pew Research Center, _Internet_2012_Young_brains_PDF.pdf, 29/2/12
  34. 34. @drbexl @digitalfprint @bigbible drbexl/tortur ed-bytechnologycnmac13