Spring Harvest 2013 2nd April - Say


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3rd day at Spring Harvest, Click Zone

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  • To those of you who are not familiar with Twitter – it’s a series of 140 character messages which gives great opportunities to connect/build relationships with those who are interested in similar things to you. Image: Screenshot
  • Today’s key verse suggested by Spring Harvest is … are we SEEING, HEARING, EXPERIENCING… if not .. If we’re not being refilled from the source, how can we share with others (in any space?). We belong to God.. And that should give us confidence… confidence to share…
  • Do we love people, do we want them to know what we experience … get past fears of sharing who we are/what we believe – can be as simple as sharing that we’ve been at church – others go more in-depth to some of the questions that are raised for them…
  • Mentioned yesterday – worried about privacy online – etc. because of Google Glass … am still making up mind on this – so thought helpful to open to convo … can control privacy settings – some have to for work, others just not comfortable – can choose what to control… http://www.technotwinkle.com/2013/02/google-reveals-their-most-anticipated-google-glass-you-can-also-win-one/
  • See if we can watch some of this video about privacy (check is it this one or the previous year?)
  • Something else to think about in this mix… a subtle difference… as with social media – it’s not about ‘metrics’ … no one but God knows how he works… DISCUSS
  • Equipped to ‘express’ the good news – find their voice, their confidence/lose fear to express ‘the hope that is in us’… in whatever space.. If you were going to e.g. India … you’d learn something about the culture – if you’re going online – you need to understand the culture so that you can engage with it..
  • Often people’s first thoughts in social media is to create a new community to try and encourage people to join – much better to engage with communities that are already active – e.g. Facebook.. And we need more people COLLABORATING! Cultural awareness - look for ways to CONNECT to what is already online, rather than having to reinvent the wheel
  • There’s a range of tools available … you may have heard of most of these – gives a great insight as to what each is for … when people talk about ‘social media’ – are referring to an entity that doesn’t exist! Is a collection of different tools – each of which is slightly different … can still be authentic – same as you behave slightly differently family/work, etc… emphasize different aspects… we’ll have a bit more of a look at these… but what about the general etiquette of engaging?
  • Qualman – 4 mins (business focused, but worth thinking about…) – if space to show it…
  • Can go and read more here…
  • Remember we looked at this on the 1 st day … We live in a pull-economy, rather than a push-economy – Christianity is intended to be active not reactive – how do we reconcile the 2? What’s often forgotten in quoting this verse is that there needs to be something to trigger the question – if there’s no intrigue that needs explaining, no hope that needs accounting for? What behaviour are you exhibiting online that would lead anyone to ask the question…
  • Do we have to “say” it … or by “being” authentic and sharing that authenticity is that enough… ? What does ‘saying it’ in the digital space look like? Share your real 24/7 journey… including the things that are outside church – but be aware that everything that you talk about outside church is being observed too… people often judge as “as Christians” more harshly than they would judge anyone else… good news is not just a belief, it’s something we live… Spring Harvest notes: Could you abandon the need to be a religious expert and simply be a faithful witness instead? Care about oversharing? What does this look like – actions online that come across negatively? See: http://society6.com/product/Actions-Speak-Louder-Than-Words-2cy_Print
  • Within the church we need to think about how we engage more - this is the model many churches have now… (as a educational developer, I note that many teachers do this too….) - and some of the bigger Twitter accounts, etc. also behave like this…
  • There’s a hope that people will be ‘real’ … some of the major Christian leaders ‘broadcast’ Bible verses/platitudes, which some people find hard … but to be fair – many people find them helpful – they get widely shared! But in this space – plenty of opportunities to react.. Feel about these?
  • Can we move towards something more like this – digital space allows more for this…
  • Great for relationship building, finding others with similar interests … people like a bit of opinion.. Short characters – the value of an RT… sharing amongst bigger & bigger networks… One small
  • What can you legitimately engage with? Don’t pretend a passion for something to try and reach people…
  • Rowan Williams talking about the power of social media that he observed in New Zealand…
  • This was kinda summed up at a recent conference… Take some time to think about what you’ve potentially shared that you wish you hadn’t, have learnt from, and could share?
  • This is something we’ve done a couple of times with Big Bible – love to see more – great way to get people to engage with the Bible – think about how to “change” the words to apply in the digital age…
  • What might you share? (add info about sustainable, etc.)
  • 7 min vid, see 1 st min…
  • Many of us are not ‘preachers’ – but we may have those who we think want to listen to us, but also our other friends…
  • 2 nd largest search engine… not just about Google!
  • If you want to see what people have enjoyed in the past year … what will people watch?! Yes,… cats… no we’re not going to look!! What have you wanted to share? Can church do similar? Time for an exercise to think of YouTube topics?
  • Shortness = really important… fast – more important than ‘quality’
  • Doesn’t just happen…
  • BIG NEW SITE… (Copyright mention) http://www.problogger.net/archives/2013/03/05/heavyweight-help-the-complete-guide-to-getting-started-on-pinterest/
  • 2 min video… award-winning… really captures it!
  • In that communications – be ‘merciful’ – have a care for the person listening at the other end…
  • Guilt? Discuss
  • Remember… and shouting louder/more persistently – does it achieve it? We don’t know where people are on their journies – so we’re looking to communicate/converse – not to preach… What is their context?
  • We ask questions of others, rather than ‘telling’ them… but also online can be a space where people can ask more difficult questions – behind a screen – feel safer (one of the positives of this) … “be prepared”…
  • Let’s have a look at this, and see what people are saying online…
  • Ensure that what we’re thinking about is not just about individual ‘brownie points’ but bigger/community pictures…
  • Someone who spent a lot of time trying to come to terms with infertility … spent time with God weeping/asking, etc. Honesty – coping with disappointment – Christian life does not solve all problems, but find ways to live with them…
  • Seemed to be a good discussion about this yesterday so let’s come back to this .. Has your thinking developed around this after yesterday – what does it mean to BE – how does it affect what we SAY? DISCUSS
  • Final word – remember – there is always a human being at the other end of the keyboard… think before you type… Questions?
  • Something about me … often gets people talking to me – esp if I wear t-shirt as in my Twitter photo…
  • Spring Harvest 2013 2nd April - Say

    1. 1. This work is licensed under a Creative CommonsAttribution 3.0 Unported License. 2 April: SAY nd http://j.mp/ClickZone3 Dr Bex Lewis Director: Digital Fingerprint; The Big Bible Project Research Fellow in Social Media & Online Learning, CODEC, University of Durham
    2. 2. https://twitter.com/drbexl
    3. 3. Key Verse for Today:Key Verse: “Everyone who confessesopenly his faith in Jesus Christ – theSon of God, who came as an actualflesh-and-blood person – comes fromGod and belongs to God” 1 John4:2(b) (MSG)
    4. 4. Later verse… (1 John 4:17-18)God is love. When we take up permanent residence ina life of love, we live in God and God lives in us. Thisway, love has the run of the house, becomes at homeand mature in us, so that we’re free of worry onJudgment Day—our standing in the world is identicalwith Christ’s. There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, afearful life—fear of death, fear of judgment—is one notyet fully formed in love.
    5. 5. Privacy/Control of Information
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    11. 11. 1 Peter 3:15But in your hearts revere Christ asLord. Always be prepared to give ananswer to everyone who asks you togive the reason for the hope that youhave. But do this with gentleness andrespect.
    12. 12. Ralph Waldo EmersonWhat you do speaks soloud that I cannot hearwhat you say.
    13. 13. Carl MedearisRelax, enjoy your friends. Enjoy theircompany along with the company of Jesus.Point him out, freely, without fear orintimidation. You’re not responsible to sellhim to them. You’re simply saying whatyou’ve seen. Youre not the judge. You’rethe witness.
    14. 14. Brennan ManningThe greatest single cause ofatheism in the world today isChristians who acknowledgeJesus with their lips and walkout the door and deny himby their life style. That iswhat an unbelieving worldsimply finds unbelievable.
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    20. 20. Rowan Williams• Well, Christmas is God’s small initiative – a single baby, whose destiny is to change the entire world. If we find that hard to believe, I wonder if it makes it a bit easier when we think of what small initiative like Sam’s can do?• http://rowanwilliams.archbishopofcanterbury.org/articles Image credit: Wikipedia
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    24. 24. The power of ‘Like’
    25. 25. ‘Amongst Friends…’
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    28. 28. Image credit: iStockphoto
    29. 29. • “See what we’ve been up to”• Thoughts & Reflections• Reviews (Books, films, websites, etc)• Challenging ideas for debate• Interviews (Text, Audio, Video)• ‘Best Of’ Content• ‘How-to’ Posts• 10 things you can…• Guest Posts
    30. 30. http://youtu.be/8j-Iy8fP0Ek
    31. 31. Preaching How might our approach to preaching change if we understand that we have two audiences – the faithful who sit close to us and a broader public, listening-in from a distance? Image Credit: SXC.Hu
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    36. 36. Jesus is…• … and therefore we are called to be… Merciful.• Ephesians 2:4.• But God is so rich in mercy, and he loved us so much.
    37. 37. How do you see this?
    38. 38. Image Credit: iStockPhotoWhat you say or what is heard?
    39. 39. The importance of ‘askingquestions’ Image credit: RGBStock
    40. 40. http://twitterfall.com
    41. 41. Cris RogersWe need tospend time inhis presence andthen we willhave somethingto say.
    42. 42. http://sheridanvoysey.com/ten-years-in-the-wilderness-resurrection-year-excerpt/God, this is cruel—leavingus in this wilderness.We’ve walked round incircles for years, tired,thirsty and confused. Oneminute we’ve glimpsedthe Promised Land and thenext minute you’ve barredus from entering it.
    43. 43. Back to Authenticity…
    44. 44. What Personal Evangelism is NOTThe model of conversational, story-based faith-sharing in the context ofrelaxed relationship helps us to establish what evangelism isn’t. In this settingit is not:•A series of clichés, platitudes or motivational catch-phrases. Realcommunication, linked to real events and experiences, doesn’t need to fallback on such short-cuts.•The whole gospel. Faith-sharing in a relationship is part of a process, not allof it. Who knows what other initiatives and resources God is going to call on?•A task whose success or failure is on your shoulders. Your responsibility is tobe authentic; truthful; sensitive; compassionate: to tell your story well. Therest, according to Jesus, is the work of the Holy Spirit. - A theology exam.Nobody is waiting to pass or fail you.•A combination lock where only one specific sequence works.
    45. 45. What Personal Evangelism MayWell BeAn invitation to journey. If there comes a context in which you are encouraging someone to take thenext step in their journey with Jesus, it is always just that - one step. Effective discipleship is notcounted in scalps but in growth and fruitfulness. What is the next thing that God might be inviting thisperson to do?•A link in a chain. You will never be the only voice an individual hears. Even if there’s no one else about,the Trinity make three, so you’re at least one of four. More likely one of many, many more.•A challenge to know and tell your own story. It’s surprising how difficult it can be to answer thesimplest of questions. How has the encounter with Jesus impacted your life?•An integration of words and actions. You may well value words above actions, but in the end thosewho see and hear you will draw from both.•An expression of dialogue. The best conversations are mutually edifying. Genuine exchange always, insome measure, goes both ways.•Grounded in listening. Listen early, speak late is a good rule. Better still; listen early, listen again, thenlisten to make sure you’ve heard well, then consider speaking a possible option, unless more listeningwould be more helpful.•A kingdom operation, shaped by the widest possible view of God’s purposes. What makes your wordsgood news? To whom?
    46. 46. Image Credit: iStockPhoto@drbexl @digitalfprint @bigbible
    47. 47. Tweet-Up•Today • What is Twitter? • Who is on Twitter? • How do I get started?•Bar Rosso • Or chat concepts…•2.30pm
    48. 48. Thank you for your time &participation…