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Digital Strategy 101 for #CNMAC13


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A 45 minute session, designed to give a few insights into approaching social media more strategically.

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Digital Strategy 101 for #CNMAC13

  1. 1. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. DIGITAL STRATEGY 101 Dr Bex Lewis, CODEC, Durham University; Social Media Director, Digital Fingerprint
  2. 2. What is strategy?
  3. 3. A plan of action resulting from strategy or intended to accomplish a specific goal.
  4. 4. "If you want to build a presence in the social media platform, then you need to be present." - @unmarketing
  5. 5. Social Media: More than the cherry on the cake! Image Credit: Stockfresh
  6. 6. The Big Questions • • • • • Why Who What Where When • To achieve what? • How do the digital tools help achieve this?
  7. 7. WHY?
  8. 8. What problem are you solving? Image Credit: Stockfresh
  9. 9. The Church Front Door? For many churchgoing is no longer the ‘cultural norm’. People don’t actively ignore the church: they don’t even think about it. Matthew 5:1316 calls us to be salt and light in the world, and for thousands in the ‘digital age’, that world includes social networks such Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. With literally billions in the digital spaces, the online social spaces presented by churches need to be appealing, welcoming, and not look like they are just an afterthought: they are now effectively the ‘front door’ to your church for digital users, and you ignore those spaces at your peril. wth/growing_churches_in_the_digital_age Image Credit:
  10. 10. • We are not selling something to the world that will make more people like us, believe in our story, join our churches. We are trying to be something in the world that invites connection and compassion, encourages comfort and healing for those in need, and challenges those in power to use that power in the service of justice and love • (Drescher, 127)
  11. 11. WHO?
  12. 12. Who is your audience? Image Credit: Stockfresh
  13. 13. DISCUSS: Your audience • Turn to person next to you. • Who are you interested in reaching/listening to? • What ‘problems’ are you seeking to solve for them? Image Credit: Stockfresh
  14. 14. Who/What?
  15. 15. Personas • t/wpcontent/uploads/20 13/10/carol-blog-9555x822.jpg
  16. 16. Push/Pull Media… Image Credit: Stockfresh
  17. 17. Who are you? • • • • What are your values? What do you stand for? What is your ‘tone of voice’? What can you contribute to the conversation? – Locally? – Nationally? – Globally?
  18. 18. WHAT?
  19. 19. What do you have in place now, and what tools are you already using? Image Credit: Stockfresh
  20. 20. A Clear Plan • Avoids – Wasted Time – Wasted Effort – Seeing social media as ‘play’ – Social Media fatigue – Missed Opportunities Image Credit: Stockfresh
  21. 21. “Call to Action” • Don’t make it too complicated to participate • Define an (easy) action • Define the (simple) benefit(s) • Give a (short) time frame Image Credit: Stockfresh
  22. 22. Shareability • Knowing – Your Audience – Your Values • What motivates you to share? – Funny? – Poignant? – For a particular person?
  23. 23. Networks of Networks Image Credit: Stockfresh
  24. 24. Humour http://anglicanme /17/the-best-ofawkwardanglicansorry-im-c-of-e/
  25. 25. Vulnerability
  26. 26. The Visual…
  27. 27. Don’t look to “publish” but engage in a CONVERSATION
  28. 28. DO YOU Think people WILL join #ChristmasStarts?
  29. 29. Where
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Facebook Insights
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Blogging? Think About • • • • • • Who are you blogging for? How often can you blog? What style of blog will you use? What content can you produce? What do you want Google to find? Who else can you bring on board?
  34. 34. WHEN?
  35. 35. When? It takes TIME… Source: RGBStock
  36. 36. Identify Keywords Image Credit:Stockfresh
  37. 37. Hootsuite (Manage Multiple Accounts)
  38. 38. Hootsuite: Pre-Set Tweets
  39. 39. What is required? • Back to: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE? • What feels ‘acceptable’ as a starting point? – Platform? – Frequency? – Personal/Organisational? – Shared? • What will your “KPIs” look like? Can such things be defined in numbers? • Sustained is better than ‘energy burst’ followed by ‘dead space’…
  40. 40. No Magic Bullet…
  41. 41. @drbexl @digitalfprint @bigbible drbexl/digitalstrategy-101for-cnmac13