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Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics Dr. Barry Raphael. Spreecast: Better Faces Less Braces.

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2 rcio spreecast big picture

  1. 1. Better Faces - Less Braces A Spreecast Webinar by Dr. Barry Raphael Of the Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics November 13, 2013
  2. 2. Don’t crooked teeth come from parents?
  3. 3. There was a time... 5,000 years ago Cavities and crooked teeth were rare!
  4. 4. Caries and Malocclusion are a product of Modern Life John Mew George Catlin James Sim Wallace Daniel Lieberman Westin Price Robert Corrucinni
  5. 5. Are we developing the way our genes meant us to be? Are Current Norms based on our developed Genotype? Or on current Phenotype?
  6. 6. The Results of the Mismatch Between Genes and the Environment Obesity Hypertension Cardiovascular Disease Caries Type 2 Diabetes Malocclusion Fatty Liver Disease Some Cancers Osteoporosis Sleep Apnea Metabolic Syndrome Asthma Autism Asperger’s Alzheimers ADD/ADHD Chronic Back Pain Depression Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases of Civilization Western Lifestyle Diseases
  7. 7. The Broken Door
  8. 8. The Broken Door
  9. 9. The Broken Door
  10. 10. The Broken Door
  11. 11. The Broken Door
  12. 12. The Broken Door Persistant Organic Polutants (POPs) Chronic Autonomic Stressors Post-Industrial Diet
  13. 13. Roger Price’ Toothberg