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Eurecat sells boring startups


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The TOTSUCAT technology for catalyst preactivation will allow for fast an hassle free startup with elimination of common phenomena such as exotherms, water make, hydrogen consumption limitations and excessive H2S partial pressure in the system

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Eurecat sells boring startups

  1. 1. We Sell Boring StartupsCATALYST SERVICES START UP HYDROTREATING UNITS WITHOUT THE “EXCITEMENT” OF SULFIDING .T O T S U C AT P R E A CT I V AT IO NAllows the fastest and safest startup possible.S P E CI A L T Y R E G E NE R A T IO N A N D Temperature excursions, DMDS odors, H2S By treating your catalysts with TotsucatR E J UV E N AT IO N emissions, sour water formation, loss of prior to loading, complicated and timeGet >90% activity from Special Regeneration production, off-spec product, delays in consuming sulfiding steps won’t beand/or Rejuvenation. Our techniques are much processing cracked feeds . . . These issues required. Instead, the catalyst is delivereddifferent than a simple carbon burn. make catalyst sulfiding a hazardous, to your site totally activated and ready toS AS S E R V I C E unpredictable, and expensive procedure. work.Only get the “good stuff” back with our Sample,Analyze, and Segregate Service. The start up of a Hydrotreating Unit, There are no temperature holds duringC AT A L Y S T RE S AL E however, does not have to be so “exciting”. heatup, no requirement for DMDS injection,Why buy fresh catalysts when regenerated Eurecat offers a “boring” alternative to and no need to measure H2S levels.catalysts with “like-fresh” activity are available? in-situ catalyst sulfiding with our patented Totsucat allows you to get online fastEurecat stocks a full line of activity-tested ® Totsucat Preactivation and Sulfiding without risking poor catalyst performanceregenerated catalysts. service. resulting from incomplete activation.A CT IV IT Y T E S T I N GDon’t just rely on surface area and poison levels.Eurecat now has two multi-tube test units that Eurecat Sulfiding Technologiesmeasure the true catalyst activity at ULSDconditions.EURECAT US 1331 Gemini, Suite 310, Houston, TX, USA 77058 Tel 281.218.0669 WWW.EURECAT.COM
  2. 2. BORING IS GOOD TOTSUCAT APPLICATIONSPre-Activating hydrotreating catalysts with NAPTHA HYDROTREATERS - Totsucat G has become the sulfidingTotsucat offers many benefits to the process of choice for naphtha hydrotreaters as well as other light end applicationsrefiner including: including: Tail Gas Units Lube UnitsLoad-and-Go reactor startups. The Gasoline Post Treat Pygas Hydrotreatersactive metal sulfides are totally formed Hydrogen Plants Petrochemical Unitsduring the Totsucat treatment. No addi- ULSD - The latest generation of high activity catalysts are typically used to meettional sulfiding agents or complex activa- the rigorous demands of ULSD units. Our R&D efforts have uncovered advancedtion procedures are required after loading. techniques, such as Totsucat D, that achieve the extremely high activity levelsNo temperature excursions. available from these state-of-the-art ULSD catalyst offerings. With Totsucat D,No need for additional hydrogen at startup times are minimized and catalytic activity is maximized.startup.Minimal sour water formation during HYDROCRACKERS - The performance of hydrocracking catalysts is criticalstartup. to the operation of the unit, making it crucial that these specialized catalysts areNo odors or HSE issues related to the treated with the greatest of care. Processing with Totsucat HC ensures thathandling of sulfiding chemicals. hydrocracking catalysts function as designed without the need to spend valuableNegligible amounts of H2S are released production time on in-situ sulfiding. In addition, these catalysts are oftenduring reactor heat up, protecting sulfur passivated with ammonia after the sulfiding step. If required, Totsucat HC can alsosensitive units downstream and avoiding include ex-situ nitrogen passivation, enabling the refiner to avoid ammoniasulfur releases to the stack during tail gas injection. And Totsucat N is designed to maximize the HDN activity of the newestunit startups. NiMo catalysts that are typically used in the pretreat section of the hydrocracker.Starting up with Totsucat-treated catalysts CAT FEED / VGO HYDROTREATERS - Totsucat E is specially designedis similar to a restart after an emergency for large units with high sulfur feeds (S > 0.5 wt%). Totsucat E works especiallyshut down. Startup time is reduced to a well in heavy distillate hydrotreaters and gasoil hydrotreaters (GOHT) where longfew hours while the risk of damaging the startup times and the threat of sulfiding exotherms are problematic. Withcatalyst prior to activation is eliminated. Totsucat E, the catalyst will reach full activity within hours of startup instead ofThe catalyst load will achieve peak days. Totsucat E pre-activated catalysts can also be delivered in a passivatedperformance since sulfiding and activation form that makes it possible to load the reactor under air.has been controlled at very preciseconditions by the patented Totsucat START UP WITH CRACKED FEEDS - Eurecat has developed anprocess. exclusive procedure to gently moderate catalyst activity following sulfiding. This unique process, called Totsucat CFP, allows the direct introduction of cracked or heavy feeds without the 3-4 day delay typically recommended by catalyst manufacturers. Catalysts treated with Totsucat CFP are no longer ultra active after sulfiding, allowing the refiner to gradually introduce cracked and heavy feedstocks during the first hours of a startup without causing permanent damage to theSulfiding Technologies catalyst. Excess coke and gum formation will be prevented since the catalyst activity has been carefully modified following activation. EURECAT US 1331 Gemini, Suite 310, Houston, TX, USA 77058 Tel 281.218.0669 WWW.EURECAT.COM