Social influencer marketing tools overview


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Worked on this early in 2013. Very rough overview. Sure many new players have entered the space in the past few months.

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Social influencer marketing tools overview

  1. 1. Social Influencer Marketing Tools Overview April 2013
  2. 2. Brands are constantly seeking out new ways to interact with social influencers • Brands desire to be a part of discussion generated by influencers • Brands invest money and other resources in social marketing campaigns • Marketers work to reach influencers with new products and/or general brand messaging
  3. 3. Social influence marketers have historically used crude, makeshift tools • Non-scientific processes for identifying influencers • Relationships and tracking managed via offline documents and spreadsheets • Reducing the manual aspects of influence marketing enhances viability and productivity of campaigns
  4. 4. The emerging social influence marketing product landscape spans three buckets
  5. 5. Scoring • Scoring platforms are primarily consumer-facing products • Services such as Klout, Kred and Peer Index leverage social media analytics to rank users • Services occasionally drive interaction with brands based on status levels
  6. 6. Identification and Insights • Identification with the specific intent of aiding brands • Provides metrics on influencer reach • Layer on additional insights that can aid decisions around social influencer campaigns or paid marketing efforts
  7. 7. Communication, Engagement and Perks • Beyond identification, some firms are offering more robust tools enabling communication • Offerings like tapinfluence focus on content creation and management • Services such as influenster drive influencers toward rating specific products • Others specialize is merchandise/perk distribution
  8. 8. Accuracy and scale will be key characteristics of potential investment targets • Brands will continue to seek tools that accurately identify influencers • Platforms will need reach (users, publishers, etc.) in order to secure agreements with large brands • If $1 billion annual spend on influence marketing continues to grow it will be driven by solutions focused on Communication, Engagement & Perks that help to fuel influencer marketing campaigns in a more targeted, measurable fashion
  9. 9. Appendix
  10. 10. Key Players Company Overview Klout Consumer-facing social scoring index that creates opportunities for peer-to-peer and brand-to-peer interactions. Influenster Identification of influencers coupled with fulfillment activities that help brands connect with targeted influencers. SocMetrics Assists brands in identifying – primarily celebrity – personalities that may perform well in endorsement capacity. Little Bird Goes beyond influence, assisting with identifying “experts” in a given area that can be used as brand advocates SocialChorus Brand create hubs utilized for interaction with influencers. More so than others, Social Chorus layers in what appears to be a heavy services business that helps with influencer curation, management of influencer marketing programs and more.
  11. 11. Key Players Company Overview Appinions Context-based influence scoring that allows brands to target users based on opinion; not just direct mentions of the brand. Influitive Advocate marketing that drives user behavior through series of “challenges” to help B2B marketing campaigns. falls into the services space – providing a suite of disclosure tools that help provide protection for brands and influencers participating in influencer marketing campaigns. Crowdtap Meeting place for brands and consumers. Brands can push social media advocacy goals or present ideas to user base for validation. Consumers can select which brands they want to engage with and see the types of rewards available to them.