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What is your ideal right to bare legs


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Don’t worry about exposing the bruise on your leg the next time you wear a dress. Right to Bare Legs can make this bruise blend in with the rest of your skin. By using quick dabbing motions, your bruise will disappear! Watch how this user hides her bruise with Right to Bare Legs. You would have never known it was there! Does she match your complexion?Use Right to Bare Legs in Medium to achieve this look.

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What is your ideal right to bare legs

  1. 1. What is Your Ideal Right to Bare Legs Shade? Don’t be afraid to show your legs!Match your skin tone with one of these women and you got your shade!
  2. 2.  The Fair shade is for women with very light skin and pink undertones. This color works great with skin complexions such as those above.Fair
  3. 3.  This is our most versatile shade. It can work for light to tan skin complexions. Great for those with yellow and olive undertones in their skinMedium
  4. 4.  Tan is great for dark tan complexions to African American complexions. Just apply the corrective cover-up and your problems will disappear.Tan
  5. 5.  Only $19.90 and you can choose your match up legs colorsCLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO