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Strength and Ductility of TMT Bars


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TMT Bar should have the perfect combination of Strength and Flexibility. Otherwise it is not recommended for all type of construction purposes. Strength of TMT Bar enables load bearing capacity where Ductility helps to bend as per construction requirement also protect the buildings during an Earthquake.

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Strength and Ductility of TMT Bars

  1. 1. Strength and Ductility of TMT Bar
  2. 2. What is Strength and Ductility of TMT Bar? Strength and Ductility are the two most important feature in TMT Bar. For Strength and Ductility • Any building or structures Load Bearing Capacity Increases • The Longevity of the buildings increases Strength of the TMT Bar = Amount of Stress the materials can take before they fall or fatigues onto it. Ductility of the TMT Bar = TMT Bar can bend upto its optimum tensile strength without loosing its strength or being brittle.
  3. 3. Why Strength and Ductility is Important? During the manufacturing process of Thermo Mechanical Treatment in Atmospheric Cooling stage TMT Bars becomes ferrite-pearlite structure. Ferrite-Pearlite Structure = Soft in inner core and Strong from outside. TMT Bar is one of the main component in RCC. If the TMT Bars are not strong enough then the structure will not be able to sustain. Thus, it needs to be strong enough to take the load bearing capacity. Ductility is very important in TMT Bars so that it can exchange extra energy during an earthquake and hold the structure from being uprooted. That is why Earthquake Resistant TMT Bars are most preferred for all type of construction purposes.
  4. 4. What is Yield Strength in TMT Bar? Property Different Grades of TMT Bar Yield Stress/0.2 % Proof Stress. (Minimum) N/mm2 Fe 415 Fe 415D Fe 500 Fe 500D Fe 550 Fe 550D Fe 600 415 415 500 500 550 550 600 Yield Strength in Different Grades of TMT Bar Yield Stress (N/mm2) is different for each grades. As per IS 1786:2008 Fe 500D comes with the maximum yield strength. For Fe 500D the Yield Strength is 500. Yield Strength or Yield Stress is the optimum level of stress point at which the material started deform. Yield point is where the deformation actually starts. If the material crosses the yield point some the fractional damage to the material will be permanent and irreversible.
  5. 5. What is Ductility in TMT Bar? Ductility means the ability of the material to easily deform and adapt as it is put under stress with tensile load within a construction unit. Ductility of the TMT Bar mainly counts on the elongation. How much elasticity the material has from its original length to the point of collapse. Ductility is the ability of the TMT Bar to be elongated without loosing its strength. Ductility in TMT Bar is more important because it determines how much it can bend as per the construction requirement. Therefore, Elongation is one of the most important factor before you choose to buy TMT Bar.
  6. 6. Final Decision to make before buying TMT Bar TMT Bar should have enough strength so that it can take the load bearing pressure + TMT Bar should be ductile so that it can be used for all construction purposes without being brittle. Then how to take the final decision before you buy TMT Bar? You should check the below mentioned points before taking the final decision for buying TMT Bars:  TMT Bar should have the perfect combination of Strength and Flexibility. So that it can withstand the load at the same time flexibility makes it usable for all type of construction purposes. If any of it is not perfect that can result fatal to the construction. TMT Bar should have Higher Yield Strength | Ultimate Tensile Strength | Easy Bendability | High Weldability
  7. 7. Final Decision to make before buying TMT Bar Amongst few Shyam Steel is the first company in Eastern India who invested developing their own Integrated Steel Plant. Therefore, since 1953 Shyam Steel successfully delivering the best in class steel products to the country. Shyam Steel’s flexiSTRONG TMT Rebar is associated with India’s Largest Projects. TMT Bar is the most important construction material for your home that determines the longevity of the structure. So, before buying TMT Bar ensure to check all the facts and do not compromise with the quality. As per IS (Indian Standards) 1786:2008 Fe 500D Grade TMT Bar has the perfect combination of Strength and Flexibility. That is why it is widely used for all construction purposes. TMT Bars that are manufactured in ISP (Integrated Steel Plant) are best in quality. In Integrated Steel Plants reverse mechanism enables preparing the raw materials at the factory. That ensures quality control.
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