23 Spmp On Dengue Fever


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23 Spmp On Dengue Fever

  1. 1. SPMP on Dengue Fever<br />Dr. S. Aswini Kumar. MD,<br />A 32 year-old healthy young man is admitted to the hospital with an acute febrile illness<br />XXIII. 01. Dengue fever can be suspected from the following symptoms:<br />High grade fever <br />Sever bone and joint pains<br />Pain behind the eyes<br />Epidemic in the community<br />All of the above<br />XXIII. 02. The following facts about the etiology of Dengue fever are TRUE EXCEPT:<br />It is caused by a group B Arbovirus<br />Man is the main reservoir of infection<br />It is transmitted by Aedes Egypti mosquito<br />The vector is uncommon in India<br />There are at least 4 different serotypes<br />XXIII. 03. Clinical examination should confirm the diagnosis of Dengue fever if there is:<br />Relative bradycardia<br />Lymphadenopathy<br />Maculopapular rash<br />Positive tourniquet test<br />All of the above<br />XXIII. 04. The following steps in doing the tourniquet test are correct EXCEPT:<br />A BP apparatus is used for the purpose<br />Cuff is inflated to a level between systole and diastole<br />The level of mercury column is maintained for 5 minutes<br />The number of petechiae counted in 2 inch square<br />More than 20 petechiae is diagnostic of Dengue fever <br />XXIII. 05. Important investigations of relevance in Dengue the following:<br />WBC count<br />Platelet count<br />Serum Aminotransferace<br />Dengue IgM ELISA test<br />All of the above<br />XXIII. 06. Dengue Hemorrhagic fever is likely to be present in the following circumstance:<br />First attack of Dengue fever in a season<br />Associated Immune thrombocytopenia<br />History of mild Dengue infection in the past<br />Menstruating female patient<br />Associated Cirrhosis liver and portal hypertension<br />XXIII. 07. Dengue Hemorrhagic fever is identified by the detection of:<br />Positive tourniquet test<br />Obvious bleeding tendencies<br />Platelet count less than 1,00,000<br />Excessive capillary permeability <br />All of the above<br />XXIII. 08. Clinical and radiological evidence of increased capillary permeability includes the following EXCEPT:<br />Ascites<br />Bilateral pleural effusion<br />Pericardial effusion<br />Myxedema<br />Pitting pedal edema<br />XXIII. 09. Dengue shock syndrome is diagnosed by the presence all of the following EXCEPT:<br />Cold clammy extremities<br />Rapid weak pulse<br />Wide pulse pressure<br />Altered mental status<br />All criteria for DHF<br />XXIII. 10. Dengue fever patient can be treated in the periphery if patient is well hydrated and not having any bleeding, with:<br />Bed rest<br />Plenty of fluid<br />Close observation<br />Anti pyretic except aspirin<br />All of the above<br />XXI. 11. The indications for administering Platelet Rich Plasma in these patients are the following, EXCEPT:<br />Platelet count <75,000, with bleeding<br />Platelet count <50,000, with out bleeding<br />Platelet count <50,000, with bleeding<br />Platelet count <20,000, with out bleeding<br />Platelet count <10,000, with shock<br /><ul><li>XXI. 12. The following statements regarding PRP and Platelet concentrates are TRUE, EXCEPT:</li></ul>Both are derived from pooled blood samples<br />Both are tested negative for HbsAg and HIV<br />Both increase the platelet count by 5-10,000<br />Platelet concentrates are indicated in fluid overload<br />Platelet concentrate is very rich in plasma proteins<br />XXI. 13. If there is severe thrombocytopenia or bleeding tendencies initially, Platelet counts shall be monitored:<br /><ul><li>Hourly
  2. 2. 6 hourly
  3. 3. Daily
  4. 4. Once in three days
  5. 5. Once in a week</li></ul>XXI. 14. Dengue shock syndrome should be treated with the following:<br />Close monitoring in an ICU setting <br />Oxygen administration <br />Infusion of IV saline or ringer lactate <br />Infusion of Colloids if needed<br />All the above <br />XXI. 15. Administration of Methyl prednisolone 1gm IV is indicated in the event of the following EXCEPT:<br />10,000 with or without bleeding<br />20,000 with or without bleeding<br />30,000 with dengue shock syndrome<br />30,000 with bleeding<br />50,000 without bleeding<br />XXI. 16. The preventive methods for Dengue infection are all EXCEPT:<br />Preventing mosquito bites<br />Preventing mosquito breeding<br />Killing mosquitoes one by one<br />Live attenuated vaccine<br />Ensuring clean environment<br />XXI. 17. The case fatality of Dengue hemorrhagic fever and Shock syndrome is:<br />Nil<br />1%<br />10%<br />20%<br />40%<br />