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21 S P M P On Short Febrile Illness


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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21 S P M P On Short Febrile Illness

  1. 1. SPMP on Short Febrile Illness<br />Dr. S. Aswini Kumar. MD,<br />A 25 year-old man is brought to the OP department with history of fever of two days duration<br />XXI. 01. Diagnosis of viral fever can be arrived at from the following history EXCEPT:<br />High grade fever of continuous nature<br />Yellowish discoloration of eyes and urine<br />Generalized aches and pains<br />Non-specific headaches<br />Running nose and throat pain<br />XXI. 02. You will proceed with a physical examination to demonstrate the following:<br />Temperature assessment by palpation<br />Inspection of the upper respiratory tract<br />Palpation of the abdomen for hepatosplenomegaly<br />Auscultation of the chest for adventitious sounds<br />all of the above<br />XXI. 03. The diagnosis of Weil’s disease can be excluded, if the following clinical features are present EXCEPT:<br />Icterus<br />Sub-conjunctival hemorrhage<br />Muscle tenderness<br />Increased urine output<br />History of possible exposure to rat’s urine<br />XXI. 04. The diagnosis of Dengue fever can be considered clinically by the following:<br />Retro-orbital pain<br />Generalized maculopapular rash<br />Positive tourniquet test<br />Epidemic spread in the community<br />All of the above <br />XXI. 05. Chikungunya fever can be considered from the presence of the following:<br />Epidemic outbreak<br />Pain and swelling of medium sized joints<br />Severe functional disability<br />Leucopenia <br />All of the above<br />XXI. 06. Investigations that may be done routinely to exclude other causes of fever are the following:<br />Total leukocyte count and differentials<br />Peripheral smear<br />Platelet counts<br />Urine routine examination<br />All of the above<br />XXI. 07. The following general measures are to be taken in the case of uncomplicated viral fevers EXCEPT:<br />All patients should be admitted<br />Complete bed rest<br />Plenty of oral fluids<br />Light easily digestible diet<br />Antipyretic medications SOS<br />XXI. 08. If the temperature is more than 400C, It can be managed by the following:<br />Tepid sponging<br />Covering with thick blanket<br />Oral acetaminophen tablets<br />Good ventilation<br />All of the above<br />XXI. 09. The technique of giving tepid sponging includes all of the following EXCEPT:<br />Luke warm water is to be used<br />A large soft cotton cloth is preferred<br />Ice cubes may be put in the water<br />Whole body is to be wiped<br />A slow current of air may be used<br />XXI. 10. Mediations that may be routinely prescribed are the following EXCEPT:<br />Acetaminophen<br />Phenylephrine<br />Chlorpheneramine<br />Ibuprofen<br />Saline nasal drops<br />XXI. 11. Antibiotic therapy is indicated in the following circumstances EXCEPT:<br />All patients with viral fever<br />Secondary bacterial infection<br />Extremes of age<br />Immunocompromized<br />Very ill patient<br /><ul><li>XXI. 12. Acute gastritis occurring in the event of viral fever can be managed by the following medications EXCEPT:</li></ul>Tab Ranitidine 150mg BID<br />Tab Domperidone 10mg TID<br />Tab Ibuprofen 800mg TID<br />Liquid antacids 2tsp TID<br />Adequate oral intake<br />XXI. 13. Indications for admission in a patient with suspected viral fever are the following EXCEPT:<br /><ul><li>Suspected dengue fever
  2. 2. Suspected Chikungunya fever
  3. 3. Old aged or debilitated patient
  4. 4. Suspicion of complications
  5. 5. All referred cases</li></ul>XXI. 14. Life threatening complications of viral fever are the following EXCEPT:<br />Myocarditis <br />Bronchopneumonia <br />Meningoencephalitis <br />Thrombocytopenia<br />Acute renal failure <br />XXI. 15. The above complications can be suspected from the following EXCEPT:<br />Tachycardia out of proportion to fever<br />Tachypnoea out of proportion to lung signs <br />Alteration in sensorium and seizures<br />Bleeding manifestations<br />Flapping tremor of hands<br />XXI. 16. Viral Meinigoencephalitis should be managed by the following, EXCEPT:<br />Inj. Mannitol 200mg IV q8hrly<br />Inj. Acyclovir 800mg IV q8hrly<br />Inj. Amiodorone 200mg IV q8hrly<br />Inj. Dexamethazone 2mg q6hrly<br />Inj. Dilantin Sodium 100mg q 6hrly<br />XXI. 17. The following statements regarding Viral Myocarditis are true, EXCEPT:<br />High index of suspicion is required for the diagnosis<br />Blood pressure should be assessed serially<br />ECG will show sinus tachycardia and ST- T changes<br />If no hypotension Outpatient management is preferred<br />Admission to MICU and close observation are mandatory<br />