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Google Adwords - Copy


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Google Adwords - Copy

  1. 1. How does Google earn Money ??? 1 Drashti Shah Research Analyst
  2. 2. Google AdWords
  3. 3. User Query Ad Auction Search Result (With Ads) User clicks Advertiser Charged Conversation Opportunity 3 • It is an auction-based advertising program. • About 96% of Google's revenue came from advertising. • What is the basic idea?? Google offers - from Maps to Earth to Gmail to Docs to Drive - exists to further the primary business. Those services were expensive to create and require great resources to maintain, but for the result -having users spend more time on Google and thus perpetuate reading and clicking on Google ads - it's money well spent Get an idea…
  4. 4. Ad Types • Text ads • Image ads • Video ads • Mobile ads 4 Ad Rank • Max CPC • Quality Score Live tool How it works?
  5. 5. • Focus on clicks on your ads. • Focus on viewable impressions, or the number of times your ad shows in a viewable position. • Focus on conversions, or when people take a specific action on your website after clicking on one of your ads. 5 • Set a daily budget to control how much you spend • Fine-tune your bids • Get the most for your money • View your cost and payment history Bidding Strategy Control your costs
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