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Genett's Narratology

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  • Drashti, you gave related examples of five important concepts and slides are well prepared, my presentation is also same with yours but I don't know much examples of 'Duration' through your presentation I know it so it is very helpful for me..
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Gennett new

  1. 1. Paper: 7 Paper Name: Literary Theory and Criticism Prepared by: Drashti Mehta Roll no:8 PG Enrollment No:PG13101021 Seat No: 11310009 Sem:2 Email id: Submitted to: Smt. S. B. Gardi, Department of English, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinghji Bhavnagar
  2. 2. Gerard Genette
  3. 3. Gerard Genette Adapted the concept of bricolage from Roland Barthes Claude Levi-Strauss French Literary Theorist Associated in particular with the structuralist movement.
  4. 4. Three aspects of narrative reality Story Histoire Signified or narrative content Narrative Recit Signifier, disc ourse or narrative text Narrating Narration Narrative act
  5. 5. Relation NarratingStory NarratingNarrative Narrative Story
  6. 6. Narratology With the general theory and practice of narrative in all forms. Narratology- became prominent – in mid-twentieth century and the ways that these affect our perception. theory and the study of Narrative and Narrative Structure It refers to-
  7. 7. • Preface • Introduction • Illustration Paratext • For the source of the text Hypotext •Terms and Techniques originating in his vocabulary and systems have , however, became widespread.
  8. 8. Imp. Concepts in Gennett’s Narratology • Narratology derived from- • “Narrative Discourse”: An Essay in Method • In this work example used in it are from • Proust’s Epic “In Search of Lost Time”
  9. 9. Order • A story is as follows- • 1)A murder occurs • 2)Circumstances • 3) Murderer is reveled to a detective • 4) Murderer is caught • Example: • Movie:36 China Town • Novel , “Great Geatsby” by F.Scott Fitzgerland.
  10. 10. 1.This accounts for the ‘obvious’ effects. 2.Reader will recognize such as Flash back. • Arranged the Chronological events run like • A1 • B2 • C3 • Arranged in Text they may run • B1( discovery) • A2( flashback) • C3 (resolution) Order
  11. 11. 36 China Town
  12. 12. •Disarrengement can be called- • Structure of Narratives •Anachrony On a more systematic basis Flash forward Simultaneity Rarely Used effects Order
  13. 13. Frequency Event occur Be narrated For Example: Once Once(Singular) •Today she went to the College. N times Once(Iterative) •She used to go to the College. Once N times(Repetitiv e) •Today She went to the College. •Today he went to the College. N times N times(Multiple) •She used to went to the College. •He used to went to the College. •They used to went to the College. •Separations between an event and its narration allows several possibilities. Ex:Macbeth
  14. 14. Duration • Separations between an event & it’s narration • Means there is • 1) A discourse time • 2) Narrative time • Two main elements of duration Student of the year Three Idiots 24 hours Five year passed Short narrative Lengthy time
  15. 15. Voice Who narrates Hetero - diegetic Homo- diegetic From where Intra- diegetic Extra- diegetic • Mahabharat-Samay • Chetan Bhagat-2 States
  16. 16. Samay
  17. 17. Mood Narratives canbe Non focalized Internally focalized Externally Focalized Focalized • Examples: Ghajini,Aparichit Narrative mood dependent Distance Changes Narrative Speech Transposed speech Reporte d speech Perspective Focalization
  18. 18. Gmail id: