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I have come across number of boys whose life was on the brink of devastation because of the false belief that masturbation or wet dreams (nightfall) results in loss of semen and is harmful in the present as well as the future.
Masturbation, a boon is a bane in South East Asian countries. Hasta-maithun, Swapan-maithun, Yoni-maithun, Mukh-maithun aren't all these maithun? It is unfortunate that in the land of the sexopedia, Kamasutra, boys suffer silently due to MYTHS about masturbation (hastamaithun, hand job) and wet dreams (nightfall). A book can be written on the number of ill consequences attributed to masturbation. Sex therapists have better things to do than deal with this obviously silly notion. Don't be shocked if you find that your teenage boy is a prey to this monster myth. Are his grades falling unexpectedly? Has the gregarious teenager become a recluse lately? The reason is though 98 out of 100 boys masturbate, over 70 % boys believe masturbation is 'bacchpan ki galati' and have labeled themselves as addicts. Hopelessly they confess having masturbated in excess and beginning at a very young age. Inconsolable boys would not have to suffer silent pangs if an elder or peer reassured them that masturbation is healthy, normal, natural, useful and a safe sexual outlet. Acharya Vallabhdev in his subhashitavalli sweetly says, "For a cultured boy sex with a woman other than wife is blasphemous. For a cultured boy without a wife, best is the beautiful damsel hand." The allegory used is "prashastha karasundari". Anyone reading this can pass on this bit of knowledge, "masturbation is harmless". Let us not leave teenagers to suffer silently and be exploited by quacks ruthlessly.

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  1. 1. Masturbation Nightfall Are Totally Harmless
  2. 2. Medical Facts By Ashok Koparday Medical Director: Premier World Class Best Treatment Sex Problems Samadhan India Free
  3. 3. Masturbation Nightfall begin when a child grows up to become adult male capable of sexual reproduction This is called Puberty or Adolescence or javaanaI Medical Facts
  4. 4. CHANGES DURING PUBERTY Physical Mental (Emotional) Sexual Masturbation Nightfall Are Natural
  5. 5. CHANGES DURING PUBERTY Testosterone is the important hormone that causes changes during puberty in boys Masturbation Nightfall Are Harmless
  6. 6. CHANGES DURING PUBERTY Growth of hair on face (moustache and beard), above the genitals and in the arm pits Boy’s voice changes in to Man’s voice Sexual desires & semen formation begins Masturbation Nightfall Are Harmless
  7. 7. CHANGES DURING PUBERTY  Bones become longer so you look thin  You look thin does not mean “I am weak.” Masturbation Nightfall Are Harmless
  8. 8. CHANGES DURING PUBERTY  Masturbation nightfall begin due to growth of sexual & reproductive system Masturbation Nightfall Are Harmless
  9. 9. Masturbation Nightfall Never Causes Weakness Inability to concentrate Poor Memory Body ache Tiredness
  10. 10. Pimples Loss of hair Dark ring below eyes Masturbation Nightfall Never Causes
  11. 11. Difficulty in doing sex Inability to conceive children Masturbation Nightfall Never Causes
  12. 12. Problems in penis Premature ejaculation Masturbation Nightfall Never Causes
  13. 13. Then why do I have problems WRONG beliefs INCORRECT knowledge LACK of Scientific Sex Education
  14. 14. correct Sex education Best Treatment 100 % Cure is
  15. 15. Stopping Nightfall Masturbation does not make you strong Masturbation Nightfall even if you say: Excess or begun at very young age does not cause any harm
  16. 16. Then why do I have weakness A In puberty there is lengthening of bones, hence you look slim. If you stop this how can you grow tall?
  17. 17. Then why do I have weakness B In puberty your awareness of self image is high. Comparison, self criticism make you feel inadequate
  18. 18. Then why do I have weakness C In puberty you get ‘slim’ built, called as ‘endomorphic’ built, which is genetic, meaning, even parents were thin in teenage
  19. 19. Then why do I have weakness C You look thin, but you are not weak because you can Play Attend school/college You don’t sleep in bed all the time
  20. 20. Semen does not have power For proof: Do semen test in Pathology laboratory Medical Facts
  21. 21. Semen Dhatu: Medical Facts Semen does not have special power or energy Semen is made to be released, not to be stored By not doing masturbation, by conserving semen you do not become strong or healthy
  22. 22. Semen Dhatu: Medical Facts Semen is produced all the time 24 x 7 Semen production begins in puberty & continues till the end of your life Semen never gets exhausted
  23. 23. Excess Masturbation Medical Facts You can never do excess masturbation
  24. 24. Excess Masturbation: Medical Facts Masturbation can NEVER be done in excess. Why? You cannot eat after a maximum limit due to automatic stop put by our body system. Similarly human body system automatically stops excess release of semen.
  25. 25. Are You Masturbation Addict Addict stays alone 24 hours for months only doing masturbation, neglects eating, doesn’t go to school or work Addict has serious mental disorder requiring psychiatric treatment
  26. 26. Laboratory Test Proves Semen Does Not Have Energy Where blood and urine tests are done there Semen test report does not show that semen has high energy
  27. 27. No medical book mentions nightfall or masturbation as disease Not even Ayurveda or Unani Medical text book mentions masturbation or nightfall as disease.
  28. 28. Then what is treatment for me In three words 100 % cure for your troubles is Correct Sex Education
  29. 29. • Meet MBBS doctor. Request for • C.B.C. blood test and • Powerful Medicines containing Iron Calcium Multivitamin to be taken for 3 months Best Treatment for weakness is