Vessels and nerves of sole of foot


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Blood vessels of foot, Blood supply of foot, vessels of sole of foot

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Vessels and nerves of sole of foot

  1. 1. PLANTAR APONEUROSIS Deep transverse Metatarsal ligament Plantar aponeurosis (Central part) Continues as Flexor retinaculum Continues as Deep fascia of dorsum of foot A B D R H A L A B D D I G M I N Continues as Deep fascia of dorsum of foot
  2. 2. FIRST LAYERSole of foot 4 layers Abd. hallucis Flex.Dig.Brevis Abd. Dig. Minimi 3 Muscles
  3. 3. SECOND LAYER Flex.Hal. Longus Flex.Dig. Longus Flex.Dig. Accessorius Lumbricals 7 Muscles
  4. 4. THIRD LAYER Flex.Hal.Brevis Flex.Dig.Min. Brevis Add. Hallucis 3 Muscles
  5. 5. FOURTH LAYER 9 Muscles Tibialis Posterior Peroneus Longus 3.Plantar Interossei 4.Dorsal Interossei
  6. 6. Flexor Retinaculum Ext. Hallucis Longus Tibialis Posterior Flex. Dig. Longus Flex. Hallucis Longus
  7. 7. Tibialis Posterior Flex.Dig.Longus Post Tibial art. Tibial Nerve
  8. 8. ARTERIES OF SOLE Med. Plantar A. Prox. Perforating A. Dorsalis Pedis A. Lat. Plantar A. Plantar Arterial arch 4 Plantar Metatarsal A. 4 Distal Perforating A.
  9. 9. Posterior Tibial A. Med. Plantar A. Deep Plantar arch Terminal Br. of deep plantar A. Lat. Plantar A. Plantar Metatarsal A. Digital Branch Perforating vessels ARTERIES OF SOLE
  10. 10. Vessels and nerves pierce the margins of Middle part of plantar aponeurosis to supply skin
  11. 11. FIRST LAYER PLANTAR APONEUROSIS ABD. Hallucis Flex.Dig.Brevis Abd.Dig.Minimi SECOND LAYER Tendon of Flex. Hal. Longus Tendon of Flex. Dig. Longus Flex.Dig.Accessorius Lumbricals from Flex.dig.longus THIRD LAYER FOURTH LAYER Flex. Hallucis Brevis Adductor hallucis Flex.Digiti Min. Brevis 4. Dorsal Interossei 3. Plantar Interossei Extrinsic tendons of Peroneus Longus Tibialis Posterior Med & Lat plantar ves and ner trn & Div Depp Branch of Lateral Plantar artery
  12. 12. Transverse section through sole of right foot Dorsalis Pedis A. 2nd layer 1st layer 3nd layer Trunk of Lateral Plantar art. Deep Br. Of Lat. Plantar art. 4th layer Metatarsal - 1 Metatarsal - 5 3 Prox. Perforating A
  13. 13. Tibial nerve Med. Plantar Nerve Deep Branch Superficial Branch NERVES OF SOLE To Flex. Dig. Accessorius To Abd. Digiti Minimi To Flex. Dig. Min. Brevis & Muscles of 4th interos. space Lat. Plantar Nerve Br. to Abd. Hallucis Br. to Flex. Dig. Brevis Br. to Flex. Hal. Brevis 1st Lumbrical 2nd Lumbrical
  14. 14. Tibial nerve Med. Plantar Nerve Deep Branch Lat. Plantar Nerve Superficial Branch NERVES OF SOLE
  15. 15. Saphenous Nerve Med. Plantar Nerve Lat. Plantar Nerve Sural Nerve Tibial Nerve Cutaneous distribution of sole of foot