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Surrogacy in india


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If all these restricting factors are overcome, India can surely emerge as a leader in international surrogacy.

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Surrogacy in india

  1. 1. Surrogacy in India-A Booming Outsourcing Business industry of surrogacy has seen a tremendous rise in the recent years in India. Serving theforeign couples who are in dire need for surrogate mothers has been the prime focus of thisbusiness and it has end being one of the successful outsourcing business prospect in India.Neither the abroad clients (parents) nor Indian birth mothers who are willing to undertake thisjob has diminished in the past years, ensuring a steady supply of both providers and customers.These factors have contributed towards Surrogate mothers In India accounting for high ratesof compensation and thus making the business of surrogacy boom.Another aspect of attraction that explains why the foreign countries have taken interest in hiringSurrogate mothers In India because the charges of surrogacy in India is just a tiny fraction ofwhat the same business charges in abroad. The costs of Indian Surrogacy is in fact so low, thatit only accounts for one-tenth of what is offered as the normal accepted rates in the countries ofU.S or U.K. The price rates of surrogate mothers vary from around $10000 to $30000 in theforeign countries while in India the charges of the entire process of expenses to birth range from$2500-$6500. The business of commercial surrogacy had been legalized long ago in India andthus, there isn’t much fuss of legal issues involved in these matters. In spite of the charges ofsurrogacy not being extravagant, the advanced medical conditions and an increased populationof English-speaking people have enabled India to differ in a positive way from other potentiallylower cost countries.The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have laid down quite a few rules andregulations to be strictly followed under all circumstances of surrogacy to ensure the propermaintenance of health of the Surrogate mothers In India along with the happiness of theexpectant couple. The guidelines have mentioned that first of all, before deducing anything, anagreement must be drawn between the surrogate and the expectant. A surrogate, who is over45 years of age and has not undergone all the essential tests that negate the possibilities ofHIV, cannot apply for the job of surrogacy. The person may not necessarily be a stranger to theexpectant couple as a relative or a person well known by the expectant parents might also be asurrogate mother. However, the regulations have clearly advised that no women shouldundergo surrogacy more than three times in one lifetime.The lack of legal authenticity has prohibited people from taking these guidelines seriously. TheIndian government should take some crucial steps to provide these surrogate mothers with allthe required reproductive facilities and technologies in order to make sure that the couples whogo for surrogacy treatments always have 100% safe environment. Other than that, the legalrights of the Surrogate mothers In India should be effectively penned down so that theycannot be violated or exploited by anyone and the business remains fair for everyone. If allthese restricting factors are overcome, India can surely emerge as a leader in internationalsurrogacy.