Overview & Benefits of Surrogacy in India


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Surrogacy becomes one of the most popular procedures among tourists seeking the medical treatment in India.

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Overview & Benefits of Surrogacy in India

  1. 1. Overview & Benefits of Surrogacy in Indiahttp://www.ivfsurrogacyindia.com/Surrogacy offer hope for various infertile couples and gives a chance for enjoying cherishing feeling ofparenthood to several couples who are unable to conceive naturally and seeks another woman whocarries pregnancy to its full term. The woman who carries child is known as surrogate mother of thatchild.Surrogacy becomes one of the most popular procedures among tourists seeking the medical treatmentin India. The most important factor due to which India emerges in surrogacy industry is the low cost ofsurrogacy in comparison to other western countries.Surrogacy is of mainly two types such as traditional and gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacythe child is not linked to surrogate whereas in traditional surrogacy child is genetically linked to thesurrogate mother and the male partner’s. If we talk about the legality of surrogacy than the commercialsurrogacy is completely legalized in India by Indian Government and most of the couples seeks to thattype of surrogacy because of its legality.According to the research more and more people are flocking to India to avail the surrogacy benefitsavailable in Indian medical tourism. In this procedure surrogate and intended parents should sign acontract which clearly states that after delivery surrogate has no right on child but the citizenship ofchild is same as its surrogate mother in case of abroad clients (couples).In case of donor, the identity of donor cannot be revealed and both parties will have to sign legallybinding surrogacy agreement. Intended parents will get the birth certificate for the bay which willmention their name only and surrogate name’s will not appear in any part of the birth certificate.Apart from legality of surrogacy in India, other benefits are cost. If we compare the cost of treatment inIndia and in other western countries, it would be half or 50% less in India. The total treatment will notcost you more than $6000 which is reasonable considering the rates of UK and USA.In addition surrogacy clinics in India provide you surrogacy counseling which help you during thetreatment and also provide the detailed history of various surrogates that will help in selecting betterone for your child. Most of the Indian hospitals maintain the detailed history of surrogate family, bloodtransfusion, any addiction, record of miscarriages, post natal problems, medical and surgical issues ofsurrogate if any. Doctors and staff are very much familiar with English language which makes it easier forabroad couples and clinics are well equipped with latest technology and have hygienic environment thatis needed for the infertility treatment.India proves itself as a surrogacy hub for various couples with highest success rate for infertilitytreatments and if you are looking for the same than make India your destination to have healthy baby inyour hands.
  2. 2. Dr Anoop Gupta CEO of Delhi IVF expert in IVF Treatment running Surrogacy Delhi last 15 years. Weoffer Surrogacy India and over India at cost effective than anywhere else in the world.