An introduction to india surrogacy clinic


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This arrangement acts as a blessing for those couples who wish to become and enjoy the cherishing feeling of parenthood but due to some their own health issues, find it difficult to conceive even after a year of intercourse.

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An introduction to india surrogacy clinic

  1. 1. An Introduction to India Surrogacy Clinichttp://www.dranoopgupta.comIndia surrogacy clinic develop into a new destination for various infertile couples whether theyare from abroad or from India itself. Surrogacy is a worldwide term used for the procedure orarrangement in which a woman carries pregnancy to its full term for another woman or couple.This arrangement acts as a blessing for those couples who wish to become and enjoy thecherishing feeling of parenthood but due to some their own health issues, find it difficult toconceive even after a year of intercourse.Surrogacy is the only option available for couples when they are unable to bear a child throughartificial procedures like IVF etc. When we embarked on the surrogacy procedure, the first thingwe try to find out is clinic and what are the relevant services can they provide? Choosing Indiasurrogacy clinic for the successful treatment is the right option for you because of variousbenefits you can avail in India.Generally it is a third party arrangement procedure and due to which some people thinks that itis not good to bear a child from another woman or the child which is not biologically related.Many comments were published against surrogacy but as couples find out it as a beneficialprocedure to have their own child, it emerged as a successful treatment for infertility in femaleas well as in male.It’s a fact that in surrogacy arrangement, India is approximately five years old, but in thoseyears it has emerged as a leading international destination and provides intended parents amore successful route to enjoy the parenthood to have a partially biological and healthier childas the child born through gestational surrogacy is partially biologically related to one of theparents.In surrogacy procedure, woman who rents her womb is known as surrogate mother of thatchild, and finding surrogate in India is not so difficult for couples as almost all surrogacy clinicsoffer a large number of surrogate related database having all information which you shouldknow about them. Some other benefits which one can avail in India for surrogacy are: It is a third party reproduction procedure which requires a legal contract to avoid the future complications. The cost of treatment is low in comparison to other countries. For international clients (couples), procedure is more comfortable from finding the surrogate to take back their child to their country.
  2. 2. Clinics have same standard of medical equipments and facilities providing in US countries as there is no compromise with the treatment quality here. Clinics have professional doctors or experts having qualified degrees and experienced in relevant field.In addition, most of the India surrogacy clinic offers you the benefit of getting birth certificate inwhich there is no name mention of surrogate and ensures that after the delivery of child,surrogate has no right on the child.