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Life Philosophy The Rajasthani Folk Wisdom Couplets


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Life Philosophy The Rajasthani Folk Wisdom Couplets

  1. 1. /kuoUrk /kUk CkkaVtkS yk[kkS dgS lqHkV~V A xf.k;k tklh fng³k ds nl ds vV~B kk A man of wisdom – the Village Chief (Mr. Laakhaa Phoolaani) declares for the man of resources that please distribute the riches (for the good/ for the needy) as the life is only of Eight- Ten days and shall fly away very soon.
  2. 2. Qsj ?k.kkS vkBka Lkwa nLk nwj k lka>s ns[;k eGirk ughaa mxars lwj kk The wife of the Chief (Raani) while gently objecting says that my Husband talks too far from the truth of life, as the people who found dancing and enjoying the previous night could not see the sun rise of the next day! This is life.
  3. 3. Ykk[kkS Hkwyks y[kofj;ka veka; Hkwyh nks; k vkWa[k r.kS Q#d³S dq.k tk.kS D;k gks; kk The daughter of the Chief (Kunwari) protested strongly and said my father was far-far away from the truth and my mother too compared the past night with the next day morning is still too far from the truth of life. What life will be during the blink of an eye; nobody Knows.
  4. 4. Ykk[kkS Hkwyks] veka; Hkwyh] Hkwyh Egkjh yks; k Lkkal oVkÅ ikao.kkS vk.kk gks; u gks; kk The maid servant (Daasi) politely explained the very fact of life while saying that her master, his wife and the loving daughter all of them missed the fact of life in their own way. The fact of life is – the breath is an unscheduled visitor, it may or may not come.
  5. 5. The fact of life is – the breath is an unscheduled visitor, it may or may not come. What to talk of eight-ten days, night/morning or the blink of an eye; even the blink will not be possible without the breath. This is the real truth of life, and that too is an auto function governed by the supreme power, not in the control of the mortal human being.
  6. 6. If this truth is perceived in real sense then there will be no nonsense in the behaviour of ours. We will be more humble, humane, modest in our life and that is the goal of being human. The American Philosopher Professor Will Durant declares in the following prophetic way:
  7. 7. The very first lesson of History is Modesty Because the planet on which We inhabit is a Tiny spot in this Infinite Universe And the word Ephemeral Used for our existence Is also an Exaggeration. -- Will Durant
  8. 8. Conveys the same that our existence is much smaller than momentary (the breath may come or may not come we can never be sure!) Conveying the same what we find in our Rajasthani Folk Wisdom Couplets. Folk wisdom and the highest of study shake hands here!
  9. 9. Friends! My request with folded hands: Please opt for Modesty, Have Humble and Humane Behaviour To live the life of a Human being . . .as we are now sure that the breath is an un- scheduled visitor may come, may not come . . . -- Dr. Ashok Bohra “Anitya” Anitya = anything which will not be available for ever