OA mandate in Baden Württemberg - A brief Overview


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A brief overview of the legal situation and mandates regards Open Access publishing at Heidelberg University.

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  • OA mandate in Baden Württemberg - A brief Overview

    1. 1. New Law on Open Access Implications of the latest amendment to the state’s university law 1
    2. 2. Two major Open Access vehicles: 2 1. OA Green: archives or repositories - Pre-prints: author decides - Post-prints: copyright clearance may be needed from publisher; often after an embargo period 2. OA Gold: journals and books - First publication of articles and books - Available free online - Author retains copyright
    3. 3. Open Access in Heidelberg 3 1. Cluster: E-journal Transcultural Studies New Book Series: Heidelberg Studies in Transculturality 2. University Library: - 23 OA-Journals - Repository HeiDOK
    4. 4. Open Access in Heidelberg. Legal Situation 4 RIGHTS DUTIES Germany § 38 Abs.4 UrhG (de) (Fall 2013) - Author can publish manuscript version in OA green after 12 months - Published in journal (bi-annual) - OA Green is not for profit - Research was funded at least 50% with public funds Baden-Württemberg § 44 Abs.6 LHG (p.44) (de) (March 2014) - Universities can decide to place the OA Green versions in a repository - Can regulate exceptions Universities to publish mandate that obligates ist faculty to make use of the above right Uni Heidelberg OA-Policy: (February 2013) …encouragse academics to publish their research results in open access - Nothing yet - represents a recommendation, not an obligation Cluster „Asia and Europe“: OA-Dossier of DFG (de) Strongly encourages recipients of funding to publish results in OA - No mandate yet
    5. 5. Mandates 5 Open Access mandates worldwide:  240 universities (faculties, departments, institutes)  90 non-departmental public bodies (funding councils, research funding organizations) National Institutes of Health, Wellcome Trust, UK Research Councils Sources:  Sherpa Juliet: http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/juliet/  ROARMAP: http://roarmap.eprints.org/
    6. 6. Where to publish – with a mandate 6 1. OA Gold Journals / Books  Directory of Open Access Journals http://doaj.org/  Directory of Open Access Books http://www.doabooks.org/ 2. OA green: disciplinary/ institutional repository  Pubmed Central, REPEC, arXiv  HeiDOK (see above) 3. Hybrid publication: additional fees for articles in licenced journals  Springer Open Choice, Wiley Onlineopen
    7. 7. Where to publish – with a mandate 7 OA green: disciplinary/ institutional repository 1. German copyright law  Paragraph 38 subparagraphs 1, 2 + 4: 1: journals; if no written contract 2: edited volumes; if no written contract/ no fee 4: inalienable right for a second publication 2. International copyright law  SHERPA/ RoMEO list http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/  green, yellow, blue and white publishers (generally green: post-print – ie final draft post-refereeing)  about 75 % of all journals allow selfpublishing
    8. 8. Contact and further information 8 Andrea Hacker Managing Editor E: hacker@asia-europe.uni-heidelberg.de T: @ahacker Legal Texts (de): - http://mwk.baden-wuerttemberg.de/hochschulen/landeshochschulgesetz/ - http://mwk.baden- wuerttemberg.de/fileadmin/pdf/gesetze/LHG/14_02_04_Landtagsfassung_3__H R%C3%84G.pdf Open Access: - http://www.open-access.net/ (de) - http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/links.html (en) The Library: - http://www.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/Englisch/ On Twitter: #openaccess; #OA Martin Nissen Open Access Officer/University Library E: nissen@ub.uni-heidelberg.de T: @nissenman