World Glaucoma Day - Kota Eye Hospital


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World Glaucoma Day Banner by Kota Eye Hospital

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World Glaucoma Day - Kota Eye Hospital

  1. 1. World Glaucoma Awareness Week 7-13th March, 2010 Saga of a Glaucoma Blind To my closest friend I tell this story, And as I speak, I tend to worry. I wonder at night and sometimes in day, I never thought so much I will have to pay. They told me, "hey dude, you need a checkup" And I always said, "You just shut up!" "Glaucoma is a silent killer", they often said, And for those words, my ears were dead. I was forty then, looked fit and fine, But for my eyes I was never kind. "Do hell with the doc", I had in my mind, Not realizing that one day, I could be blind. As months went by, headaches came in, So severe, as if rewards of my sin. Me and my conscious still did not lit, And I kept on cornering the doctor's visit, “Oh! Colored haloes around the lights I see”, I exclaimed and thought, “Am I guilty?” But I lived like that for more than a decade, Unaware, that my vision was going to fade. I went to the doc when I was fifty-two, But about my problem, I had no clue. He did all tests, and tried his level best, And told me I have already totally messed. I was having glaucoma in both my eyes, With no cure present, I knew eyesight will die. There was only me to blame, Yes, I should have listened to them. And today when I am blind, My friend writes this, to make you remind. Don't neglect them – they see for you, Please love your eyes - they are only two. To my request, I hope you will listen, “Don't let anyone be blind, my Son!” A Poem by DR. ANKIT MAHESH PUNJABI Glaucoma can lead to permanent Glaucoma Care Services at blindness ever before it is diagnosed. Kota Eye Hospital Danger Signs for developing Glaucoma: * Comprehensive Dilated Eye Examination * Are aged 40 years or more * Non-contact & Applanation Tonometry * Have a relative with glaucoma * Computerized Visual Field Analysis * Have diabetes, hypertension * OCT for Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer Analysis * Take steroid medications * Digital Photographic Optic Disc Evaluation * Had eye injury in past * Pachymetry & Ginioscopy * Glaucoma Filtering Surgeries * Availability of all Glaucoma Medications Get your Glaucoma Screening done TODAY and save your vision !! World’s First All-in-One OCT Join us in the and Fight Against Glaucoma State-of-the-Art Glaucoma Services only at Learn More. Spread the Word. Kota Eye Hospital World Glaucoma Day All Glaucoma Diagnostic Services are also available 12th March, 2010 under the Glaucoma Package scheme at discounted prices K O E TA EY