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T H E T R U E S P I R I T O F I N D I A Dr


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Published in: Education, Travel
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T H E T R U E S P I R I T O F I N D I A Dr

  2. 2. India is not merely a geographic portion of the earth. She is not merely rivers and mountains or castles and palaces! She is neither the riches nor the poverty of people. India is nothing else but the incessant ongoing search of truth and realization of Truth from time to time throughout the millennia! Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda and the likes; are visible examples; and their biographies remind us of; “The
  3. 3. omniscient, eternal yet invisible spirit inherent to Search of Truth and Self Realization of many seers; unknown to documented history! This is true spirit of India!” Let us always remember this eternal, yet invisible spirit of India and be happily thankful to it for ever. It is said that NAMASMARAN can make this possible and make your life really satisfied and fulfilled! You can verify this statement! DR. SHRIIWAS KASHALIKAR