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Superstition Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Superstition Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. The need of beliefs is probably as old as history of life. This is clear from the beliefs seen in animals! The beliefs can be instinctual, emotional and intellectual. These beliefs determine our behavior and make restless and even miserable in their absence. The term instinctual is used here to indicate inexplicable primitive emotions. Just as we are dependent on food, sexual respite and other instincts, similarly we are dependent on emotional solace of being loved and wanted. All this goes unnoticed as it is taken for granted. The individual horizons broaden through emotional maturation and intellectual profundity. The nature of beliefs is
  3. 3. replaced by “evolved” beliefs. But their scope is restricted by sensory input (even if immensely multiplied by technology) they receive! Theories such as “big bang” or “organic evolution conceived by Charles Darwin” are intellectual beliefs termed “scientific”. They are based on the observations of linear progress in many apparent aspects of nature; especially from conception to death! They cannot be verified! Such theories based on apparent progress are subjective illusions fondly harbored by many; as scientific “truths”! Often this makes them inconsiderate. Not merely, science and technology but even the ultimate thoughts in philosophy
  4. 4. are lame in terms of capability to live without any beliefs and/or so called convictions! Beliefs of some kind or other; whether called superstitions, faiths, convictions, theories or principles are crutches the mankind has been used to and dependent on. This human frailty is biological, physiological and psychological and hence need not be condemned. Instead of harboring condescending attitude the literates should realize this fact of “crutches” and become humble. Uncertainty is difficult to fathom and to live with even for a great scientist or a profound philosopher. It is almost incompatible with life of sanity!
  5. 5. Hence the only answer to overcome superstitions and the prejudices born out of them is to live beyond the realm of senses. Is this possible? Self realization is said to make it possible and free you from any kinds of dogmas (leading to discord) that you would otherwise depend on and get crippled by. Self realization and consequent empowerment of this kind is said to be possible through NAMASMARAN. One can try it and verify. Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar