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R E F E L C T I O N S A N D C R E A T I O N S Dr


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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R E F E L C T I O N S A N D C R E A T I O N S Dr

  2. 2. Watching in mirror is common. The assurance and reassurance our mirror image gives is familiar. The comfort and sense of elation and euphoria one gets; after listening to words of compliments is experienced by most of us. Watching the expressions of appreciation in the eyes of acquaintances is liked by most of us. The performers enjoy audiences’ applaud, so much that it becomes their lifeline. The pleasure of watching ourselves on TV or
  3. 3. listening ourselves on radio is common. We get boosted by our creations also. For example, a surgeon feels gratified to see successful results of his surgery. A cinema producer feels sense of achievement on seeing his or her own successful film. A musician, a painter, a sculptor, an architect and most of us feel great by our small or big successful creations! If not all these, we feel satisfied to see our progeny!
  4. 4. In short, it is revitalizing experience to see ourselves in one thing or the other. But sometimes and more often we see horrifying failures in our reflections and creations. An abstract thinker working for the welfare of the world is faced with lack or distortion of reflections and creations! It is even more horrifying! Can NAMASMARAN help such people? Well! It is worth trying and verifying.