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My Problem Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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My Problem Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. There is always a struggle probably within every person, who can feel and think about “what is” and “what should be” or “what should have been”! The restlessness is born out of the tussle between the prevalent sensory input and its interpretation and the prevalent feeling of wants, deficiencies or demands (many times wrongly interpreted and felt) of the individual.
  3. 3. Not merely a common man is restless because of wants and unfulfilled desires, but even if you are a leader in some field including intellectual and philosophical, you are restless and hence intolerant about “what should be”! You seem to be oblivious to “my problem”! “My problem” is a global problem. How much ever I am brain washed, I can not be noble hearted. I can not be generous. I can not be selfless. Being “better”
  4. 4. is not as simple and as instant as “merely changing clothes or washing make up”! Whenever I seem to have “improved”, I come across a situation that bares open my meanness. “My problem” is difficulty in voluntarily blossoming and becoming buoyant, generous, loving and benevolent to all. You can punish me, torture me or kill me but cannot transform me into unprejudiced and innocent individual. Can you? You can
  5. 5. force me to pay tax but can not motivate me to be selfless! You can emotionally influence me to donate but can not inspire me to voluntarily stop exploiting! You can force me to behave in a gentle manner. But you can not erase the sexual, infatuative, and other bizarre ideas, whims and fancies from my mind! Can you? “My problem” is a global problem.
  6. 6. For me to blossom, you have to blossom yourself. You have to create an environment of a holistic perspective of globally beneficial policies, plans, laws, rules, regulations, conventions and fashions, which in turn would be conducive to my blossoming. Can you do it? You would (if you are frank) admit that you can not do it! That is because “my problem” is “your problem” also! “My problem” is universal!
  7. 7. Hence, let us be considerate to every one including ourselves. Tolerance is not gullible stupidity. It is the wisdom born out of experience and honesty. It gives accuracy to conceptions and expressions. It makes you appropriate and effective. It gives globally beneficial dimension to every activity of yours. You can give justice to your job, through such considerate and tolerant attitude!
  8. 8. But is this possible? Even this is not possible! This is not possible by your voluntary efforts and/or your authoritative and apparently intellectual rhetoric (if you are a so called leader) in the presence of sectarian and mean ambience, in and out. But this can be possible through universally practicable practice of NAMASMARAN. DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR