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L O V E & B O D Y Dr


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Published in: Education
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L O V E & B O D Y Dr

  2. 2. The experience of love is intense. Love enthralls your entire existence. Love is inevitable; isn’t it? Life without love is too baron to be called life! But why does LOVE leave the feeling of wanting? In love you seek the physical intimacy of your beloved intensely! On other occasions in love; you seek respect, kind words, physical meeting, obeying, help, gifts and solace and support in one form or
  3. 3. another. Is it not true? If yes, then why? It is because; your love is inseparable from the metabolism, hormones and nervous system. Your love is trapped in them and hence you are helplessness due to your ‘love’! When you say you love and others do not reciprocate, it actually reflects your helplessness and that of the others!
  4. 4. Can you love freely and not helplessly? It is said that it is possible with NAMASMARAN. You can verify if you wish! DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR