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Gizmo And Namasmaran Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar


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Published in: Education
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Gizmo And Namasmaran Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. Gizmo our beautiful Labrador dog came in our house and commanded love and pampering as well! He did not articulate his emotions in words. But his presence was extraordinarily cheerful, vitalizing and elating. His every gesture exuded immense love and involvement in us. His looking, His licking, his rubbing, his asking for food, his asking for going out and everything had a subtle power to exalt us beyond our frail linguistic framework.
  3. 3. I could never pin point the element that captivated us in his love and care. He became the most important “person” of attention and adoring of all of us! When Gizmo was transferred to kennel everyone felt as if a lump of his/her flesh was lost! Tears gathered in my eyes, with deep sense of loss!
  4. 4. Gradually and with great difficulty I articulated my own feelings and dialogued with myself. I tried to decipher my relationship with Gizmo. I re-explored the genuine, innocent and spontaneous love to which the deep shelf of my heart had become deserted. I realized the petty subjectivity, vanity and mediocrity, of my indifference to animals and their trivialization in my mind.
  5. 5. In Gizmo I could now breathe the unspoken and hidden love in my heart for universe. Verily my interactions with Gizmo restored the capacity to love, love unconditionally and unhesitatingly. This treasure of my life is really precious. In my craving to do something for near and dear Gizmo I began to remember the name of God for universal justice and welfare, especially all the living
  6. 6. beings that can not speak and express themselves in words and for appropriate policies and plans for all living beings in addition to the human beings. DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR