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Corruption Shriniwas Kashalikar


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Corruption Shriniwas Kashalikar

  1. 1. CORRUPT PERSPECTIVE DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR Your perspective is like the space of your consciousness! If the “space” of your consciousness is normal, then your perspective is universal or normal! The degree of restriction of that space of your consciousness determines the degree of the suffocation and throttling of your consciousness and your perspective also! The degree of this suffocation and throttling corrupts your perspective proportionately. Thus as the space of your consciousness goes on getting restricted and your perspective goes getting deteriorated, you start getting separated from nature, world, countries, religions, regions, provinces, sects, linguistic groups, castes, communities, creeds, sects and even your own family! The disease of corrupted perspective is subtle and hence not easily noticed. Since the medial systems today have not learnt to diagnose and treat the disease viz. “corruption of perspective”; they do not identify and treat this disease, which often inflicts the medical systems themselves! Sectarian and corrupt perspective makes your thoughts, feelings and actions also increasingly mean, lonely, weak, inert, grumbling, intolerant, inconsiderate, resentful, vindictive and miserably selfish and pathogenic (many times concealed under deceptive glamour and glitter) for yourself and the society! NAMSMARAN breaks open the throttling shackles, which restrict the space of your consciousness and thereby effectively treats the corruption of your perspective, which is the root of every misery in the universe! DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR
  2. 2. CORRUPTION AND SUPERLIVING DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR The word corruption is used so extensively and in so many contexts that it’s meaning has become obscure! Hence corruption is usually and wrongly equated with mere financial scams, bribing, kick backs etc. Actually the corruption is as ubiquitous as life and the consciousness! The degree of degradation (influenced by the surroundings and influencing the surroundings as well) in one’s own eyes; either consciously or subconsciously and knowingly or unknowingly; determines the degree of corruption (one’s perspective, thoughts, feelings and actions)! The environment and this corruption further interact and influence each other continuously. The corruption of the leaders in different fields in the world and that of the followers; also influence each other. Thus the corruption of the world political, religious, intellectual, industrial and other leaders can influence the corruption of an individual in any and every part of the world. For example; the paradigms or premises of the sectarian supremacy, racial superiority, financial expansionism, religious imposition and so on (without concern for the wellbeing of the entire world) constitutes corruption of perspective. The rationale behind the international and national laws, conventions, traditions, rules, pacts, in tune with the above perspective; to a greater or lesser extent (without concern for wellbeing of the entire world) constitute the corruption in thoughts. The motivation behind the literature, art, media, movies, dramas, advertisements and so on (serving the sectarian aims, petty objectives, and vested interests ingrained in the above intellectual themes; without concern for the welfare of people at large or even at the cost of the
  3. 3. welfare of people at large) constitute the corruption of emotions and instincts. The actual laws, literature, art forms, media campaigns, movements, and such every activity in different fields either organized or unorganized (without concern for the welfare of the world or at the cost of the welfare of the world) constitute the corruption in actions. Considering the extent of corruption from the brief discussion above, it should be clear how corruption is really ubiquitous! But if you carefully ponder, then it would be clear that the roots of the corruption thrive from the faulty perspective from which the corrupt thoughts, emotions and actions spring. Hence to rectify corruption; mere physical actions, emotional hue and cry and intellectual jargons (even though they may constitute an inevitable phase in the groping crusade against corruption) are not enough. They can at best give mastrurbatory excitement and sterile fulfillment. They can not effectively blossom the global perspective and global conscience. For this i.e. to rectify, repair, restore, regenerate, rejuvenate and effectively blossom the ROOTS of global perspective and global conscience the answer is NAMASMARAN. This universal solution NAMSMARAN (which encompasses all visible and invisible contingents) if practiced universally; can certainly rectify, repair, restore, regenerate, rejuvenate and effectively blossom the ROOTS of global perspective and global conscience and cure the ubiquitous corruption right from its roots. DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR